This week I had the chance to head to drive to Reno and shoot with the amazing Huong from “Design by Huong”…ROAD TRIP!  After meeting our models, Manila (left) and Gianna (right), I quickly came to the conclusion that Huong only knows drop dead beautiful people. 


I mean seriously…how gorgeous are these two rock stars?  We spent the afternoon walking around the urban goodness of downtown Reno.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about Reno was the gritty aged buildings and grafitti.  I’ve always had a soft spot for the bright colors and individual style and when you have people like Manila and Gianna rocking it out, it just doesn’t get much better.







Later that evening the ladies showed us just how hard they could rock it when they braved strong desert winds and a mosquito army that seemed bound and determined to drain us all dry…except for Gianna.  I don’t know how she avoided it but I was more than a little jealous 🙂





As I drove out of Reno and listened to the navigator telling me I had 673 miles until I reached my destination (in an annoyingly cheerful British accent) I was almost bouncing in my seat because I couldn’t wait to get home and share these images with everybody.  Seriously, how awesome were Gianna and Manila?  These women absolutely rocked my world and and worked it for the camera.

I can’t even describe how awesome it was to work with Huong.  Do yourself a favor and check her out at Design by Huong and her Revealed site and her amazing boudoir photography.

  See you next time everybody!



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