Making it Happen

  So you’ve seen your friend’s gorgeous portraits hanging on their walls and everybody is looking fabulous and happy.  Seems they found a photographer they love who provided a great finished product.  Who doesn’t want their friends to think they look amazing?  If you think your friend was the only person smiling, you’re missing out on all the behind the scenes action.  A recent shoot in Reno is a great example of the recipe for a great photo.  Mix one awesome fellow photographer and new friend (Huong Forest), two gorgeous ladies (Manila and Gianna), a cool downtown location and toss in a pinch of awesomeness for good measure and you have the makings of an incredible day. 
727559_origSometimes it means getting up close and personal.  You don’t even have worry about the background too much.  With your smile and some creative angles, you’re going to look awesome.  Check out Manila here, even sitting on the steps of a downtown building it was pretty much impossible to find a bad angle with her.  Would you look at those eyes?  She literally stopped traffic.

    Now Gianna, she was tall enough and I decided to change it up a bit and boy did her personality shine through.  Moments like this remind me why I love the Black Rapid camera strap.  This thing lets me drop the camera to my side and just focus on not killing myself while I move around.  Okay, so Gianna was probably right when she pointed out that the Crocs probably didn’t make for the best climbing shoes, but that smile after the shot made it all worth it.  She told me she doesn’t spend much time in front of the lens but I’m having a rough time believing it.  These days you can find her conducting interviews, like this one with NBA player, Thomas Robinson.


  Hey now, photography is a serious business.  No really, it’s hard work and there’s a lot that goes into catching that perfect image for your wall.  Well, okay there are a ton of good times and laughter and I wouldn’t trade a single moment of it.  I’m not sure there is anything better than hearing someone tell you they look beautiful in their photo you just took.  Yep, that’s what it’s all about.  So what are you waiting for?  Go rock it out in front of the lens.  Life is full of memories just waiting to find their place on your walls.See you next time everybody.Sean

PS…Thanks to Huong for capturing the behind the scenes images.  Did I mention that lady is a rock star?