Did you come to get big?

Today I was going about my normal routine and kept thinking “If I’m not getting big, why be here!?”  It was just a little thing but hey, it was what I needed to get through something I should have been too tired to do.  What’s more, it actually felt good when it shouldn’t have.  I started out tired and I ended up, well still tired, but I also felt like I could move a mountain!
1961837Phil Knight, the co-founder of the sports apparel giant Nike started small by selling shoes from the trunk of his car.  Now the Nike swoosh is recognized across the globe.  Thomas Edison was called dumb and scatter-brained by his teachers.  Of course they probably graded his papers by candle light but he understood where you start is no indication of where you can end up.  They started out unknown, small, and they ended up known by the world.  So what did they have that was so special?  Genius?  Not necessarily, but it did have its place.  More importantly they both brought everything they had to the game and the world will never be the same because of it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard.  Then again, what good thing in life isn’t challenging at one point or another?  So go for it, peg your fun meter and push it as hard as you can.  Remember this, it’s not a competition with the Phil Knight’s or Thomas Edison’s of this world, just the person in the mirror.  Can you say you gave it all you had?

So there you have it.  Ask yourself today, if you’re not gettin’ big, why be here at all?  Go on, the world’s never going to know what hit it.


And don’t forget to share how you “get big” in the comments  The world’s better when you share.


Flow with it

  Not long ago we talked about some of the benefits of smiling, which include a measurable reduction in stress.  There’s an old saying, “No plan survives initial contact.”  The poet Robert Burns included the same thought in his poem “To a Mouse” when he wrote “The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men / Gang aft agley”, or the best laid schemes of mice and men often go awry.  We’ve always understood that no matter how thorough a plan we come up with, it’s not going to go exactly as planned and we’re going to have to adapt.  So when your photographer helps bring out that killer smile, they’re actually reducing your stress levels and helping you practice your adaptation skills.  Pretty cool, huh?So what happens when we finally accept that the world doesn’t really care about our plan?  Take a look at the boogie boarder above.  He’s using the changing water shape to catch a ride.  Or how about the boarder chick below?  The slopes are different every run of every day.  Because she’s relaxed she’s able to adapt to those changes and hanging it out there for an awesome ride.  Flow with it.  The next time life decides to throw a monkey wrench in your plan, try taking the lead of these two and remind yourself to just flow with it.  Less stress, more fun, I can work with that.  How about you?

Wow, I can’t wait for winter to get here.  I’m pretty sure I can hear my snowboard calling from the garage already.

Gina and Brian, bringing cool back

Recently Jennifer Halen invited me to shoot with Desiree Rohlfs and her in Sedona, Arizona at Brian and Gina’s amazing wedding.  I knew Jennifer Halen Photography weddings were incredible, but Brian and Gina took this to a new level.

Let’s start with the shoes, shall we?  It takes a special couple to rock the glitter Cons on their big day.Picture  Later I had a chance to spend some time with Brian while Jennifer and Desiree were with his lovely bride.  Let me tell you, this dude was the picture of calm.  Brian is a teacher so this was easy stuff compared to a room full of young children…right up until someone reminded him that today was the big day.  It seems the phrase “for the rest of your life” was all it took.  It didn’t last long but for a brief instance I’m pretty sure I saw a drop of sweat break that calm exterior.

Picture  Seriously, I want to be this cool someday.
  The personality with these two was contagious.  My cheeks hurt by the end of the night but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

PicturePicture  Coaching?  What coaching?  There was no need to ask this couple to smile or have fun.  Actually, I don’t think we could have convinced them to be serious if we tried. 
  How can you not feel all is right with the world when you see a bride looking at her new husband like this?  If there was a party full of guests…or stampeding elephants, I doubt she had a clue.
  Gina and Brian were amazing and it was a pleasure to share their day with them.  All the best wishes for a long and happy life to them.  As for shooting with Jennifer and Desiree, well that was just icing on the gluten-free cake (which was beyond amazing by the way, Gina).  So here’s to couples in love and people cool enough to rock it out in their Converse sneakers.Don’t stop here.  Head over and check out these amazing photographers for more on this incredible couple.

Jennifer Halen Photography in Phoenix, Arizona.

Desiree Rohlfs Photography in San Diego, California.

Getting outta town


This weekend I had the chance to get out of London and see a little of the UK.  Beaulieu Abbey, near the seaside city of Southampton, seemed like as good a choice as any and perfect for the sunny weather.  I have a soft spot for historical sites and construction on the abbey started in 1204.  Funny enough, King John initially signed the land grant for the abbey after having a dream where a group of monks beat him mercilessly.  Seems the good king had a guilty conscience and decided a land grant was just what his soul needed.  


But hey, this is the UK, nothing is normal here.  This 800 year old religious site also happens to be located on the same grounds as the National Auto Museum and The World of Top Gear.  This weekend there was a show and there were loads of cool things to check out, including this sick vintage Harley Davidson.  Too cool.


This little beauty puts the new smart cars to shame.  I’m pretty sure you actually just pick it up and take it into your favorite restaurant with you.


Okay, so this car show wasn’t like your typical classic, waxed and shine car show.  Think of it as enthusiast car show and flea market get together.  On the backside of the lot I found this…this…yeah, I’m still not really sure what to think of this find.  No matter which way I look at this it still seems wrong on so many levels.


So that was my little bit of sanity recovery this weekend.  What did you get up to this weekend?

See you next time everybody.