Getting outta town


This weekend I had the chance to get out of London and see a little of the UK.  Beaulieu Abbey, near the seaside city of Southampton, seemed like as good a choice as any and perfect for the sunny weather.  I have a soft spot for historical sites and construction on the abbey started in 1204.  Funny enough, King John initially signed the land grant for the abbey after having a dream where a group of monks beat him mercilessly.  Seems the good king had a guilty conscience and decided a land grant was just what his soul needed.  


But hey, this is the UK, nothing is normal here.  This 800 year old religious site also happens to be located on the same grounds as the National Auto Museum and The World of Top Gear.  This weekend there was a show and there were loads of cool things to check out, including this sick vintage Harley Davidson.  Too cool.


This little beauty puts the new smart cars to shame.  I’m pretty sure you actually just pick it up and take it into your favorite restaurant with you.


Okay, so this car show wasn’t like your typical classic, waxed and shine car show.  Think of it as enthusiast car show and flea market get together.  On the backside of the lot I found this…this…yeah, I’m still not really sure what to think of this find.  No matter which way I look at this it still seems wrong on so many levels.


So that was my little bit of sanity recovery this weekend.  What did you get up to this weekend?

See you next time everybody.



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