Gina and Brian, bringing cool back

Recently Jennifer Halen invited me to shoot with Desiree Rohlfs and her in Sedona, Arizona at Brian and Gina’s amazing wedding.  I knew Jennifer Halen Photography weddings were incredible, but Brian and Gina took this to a new level.

Let’s start with the shoes, shall we?  It takes a special couple to rock the glitter Cons on their big day.Picture  Later I had a chance to spend some time with Brian while Jennifer and Desiree were with his lovely bride.  Let me tell you, this dude was the picture of calm.  Brian is a teacher so this was easy stuff compared to a room full of young children…right up until someone reminded him that today was the big day.  It seems the phrase “for the rest of your life” was all it took.  It didn’t last long but for a brief instance I’m pretty sure I saw a drop of sweat break that calm exterior.

Picture  Seriously, I want to be this cool someday.
  The personality with these two was contagious.  My cheeks hurt by the end of the night but I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

PicturePicture  Coaching?  What coaching?  There was no need to ask this couple to smile or have fun.  Actually, I don’t think we could have convinced them to be serious if we tried. 
  How can you not feel all is right with the world when you see a bride looking at her new husband like this?  If there was a party full of guests…or stampeding elephants, I doubt she had a clue.
  Gina and Brian were amazing and it was a pleasure to share their day with them.  All the best wishes for a long and happy life to them.  As for shooting with Jennifer and Desiree, well that was just icing on the gluten-free cake (which was beyond amazing by the way, Gina).  So here’s to couples in love and people cool enough to rock it out in their Converse sneakers.Don’t stop here.  Head over and check out these amazing photographers for more on this incredible couple.

Jennifer Halen Photography in Phoenix, Arizona.

Desiree Rohlfs Photography in San Diego, California.


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