Did you come to get big?

Today I was going about my normal routine and kept thinking “If I’m not getting big, why be here!?”  It was just a little thing but hey, it was what I needed to get through something I should have been too tired to do.  What’s more, it actually felt good when it shouldn’t have.  I started out tired and I ended up, well still tired, but I also felt like I could move a mountain!
1961837Phil Knight, the co-founder of the sports apparel giant Nike started small by selling shoes from the trunk of his car.  Now the Nike swoosh is recognized across the globe.  Thomas Edison was called dumb and scatter-brained by his teachers.  Of course they probably graded his papers by candle light but he understood where you start is no indication of where you can end up.  They started out unknown, small, and they ended up known by the world.  So what did they have that was so special?  Genius?  Not necessarily, but it did have its place.  More importantly they both brought everything they had to the game and the world will never be the same because of it.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s hard.  Then again, what good thing in life isn’t challenging at one point or another?  So go for it, peg your fun meter and push it as hard as you can.  Remember this, it’s not a competition with the Phil Knight’s or Thomas Edison’s of this world, just the person in the mirror.  Can you say you gave it all you had?

So there you have it.  Ask yourself today, if you’re not gettin’ big, why be here at all?  Go on, the world’s never going to know what hit it.


And don’t forget to share how you “get big” in the comments  The world’s better when you share.


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