It’s a big world out there

This post isn’t about ISO or shutter speeds or the importance of choosing a professional photographer who understands these things when investing in the preservation of your precious memories.  Don’t get me wrong, you know I think that’s more than just a little important, but this post is about something much bigger…the entire planet.
When I first considered this shot I was going for an old man against the sea sort of theme.  You know, the lonely old Mediterranean fisherman plying his trade, wise in the ways of the world.  Funny thing was that after I climbed down into the water to get the right angle, that old man pulled out his cell phone and sat down to eat his lunch.  The old man in my imagination didn’t have a social life.  Who did this guy think he was jumping up and down on my creative genius?  Hmm, this wasn’t going to be as easy as I thought…and now I was remembering I was really hungry.  Great, this photo was going downhill quickly.

Looking back at it, I’ve changed my feelings about this photo.  It’s not about a lonely fisherman; well partly because on that day he had more of a social life than I did, but largely because the stark contrast between the small man and the vast sea behind him really stands out to me now.  Like the world was sending a not so subtle reminder that no matter how big and bad the situation I’m dealing with is, it’s a big world out there.  There are new ways to mix the photography business that I love to do with the business travel I have to do.  There are nearly always other opportunities and tomorrows and each come with another chance to get it right.   I suppose it really is just a matter of relativity after all.  Big problems aren’t so big when compared to the entire planet, huh?  What do you know?  I did learn something from the old man and the sea after all.  My old English Lit teacher would be so proud.

See you next time.



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