Top 10 List … what to do this weekend?

10. Jump on your favorite social media and see how long it takes to find the first argument about the election.  Okay, so this should only take 3 seconds flat, but that leaves time for the other nine items on the list

9.  Teach the family dog a new trick.  The folks at Doggie Buddy have some awesome tips.  Just a fair warning from personal experience, I tried some of these on my cat a few years ago.  I’m not sure, but using my pillow as the litter box may have been her answer to my plans for behavior.

8.  Keep your eyes on the skies and you might get lucky and see some action from the Taurid “swarm”.  It’s a group of relatively large meteors that will be the brightest points of light in the sky.  Want something worth staying up for?  How about this is the year scientist predict we might see a repeat of the 1951 fireball outburst.  But bring along your patience because the average is only 4-5 per hour.

7.  How about catching a movie?  This weekend there’s a bevy of new releases according to the folks over at Movieweb.  There is sure to be something for everybody from parents to first daters.

6.  Find someone and make them smile.  We’ve talked about it before, but smiles have all sorts of incredible benefits.  As an added little benefit, if it’s someone you’re in the dog house with you might just find yourself not sleeping on the couch anymore, right?

5.  Learn to bake a pie.  Hey, come on, it’s the holiday season and who doesn’t like pie?  Here’s a few tips from Taste of Home.

4.  Make friends with someone who learned to make pie.  What?  Some of us have specific orders from the Fire Department preventing actions that involve the oven, but I like pie as much as the next guy.

3.  Maybe now is the time to become the king/queen of the house of card construction?  Check out these blue prints and you’ll be one step closer to snowbound fame the next time Mother Nature just doesn’t want to cooperate.  You know, like when a “Frankenstorm” decides to make a mess of your plans to wash the family car.

2.  Go for a hike.  That’s right, put your hiking shoes on and get out and go find something memorable.  Hey, while you’re at it, don’t forget to snap a photo and share with the rest of us in the comments below.

1.  And last but certainly not least, sleep in on Sunday morning.  That’s right boys and girls, it’s that time of year for most of us to turn the clocks BACK and enjoy an extra hour of weekend.  Take that Monday!  (pst…if you’re a trivia buff, here’s some info on where it all got started, thanks to the folks at