Just a little patience …. yeeeeeeeah.


1.  The question has been popped, you’re on cloud nine, can leap tall buildings in a single bound and maybe even fly, however, that doesn’t necessarily mean your income has super powers.  It’s normal to get caught up in the moment and tell your Maid of Honor that you’re going to cover everything and you just have to have her there.  Careful, these expenses can really add up.  Having to cut someone from the list when you realize you can’t afford everything, may lead to confusion and hurt feelings.2.  Sure, the two of you fell for each other at first glance, but that doesn’t mean you should do the same with your wedding gown…or even your ring for that matter.  This is your day and you’re going to want everything to be perfect.  So take your time and make sure you’re really happy with everything before dropping down that credit card.  Oh yeah, on the topic of engagement rings.  Let’s face it, guys are guys.  We mean well but sometimes it’s an accomplishment when our socks go with our shoes.  It’s not uncommon for engagement rings to be exchanged for something more…more you.  Here’s a little guide to help you with this sometimes delicate situation.

3.  Hold off on inviting your entire address book.  Decisions like location, style and budget are still up in the air and can have a huge impact on that guest list.  You might not be able to squeeze everybody into that perfect chapel on the hill at sunset.  Once you invite your High School friend from second period English, she’s on the list.  Kinda tough to un-invite her.

4.  True, you could stand on a tall building and shout it out to the whole world and yes, the grumpy neighbor two floors down is probably going to love it, but let’s keep this ace up your sleeve for now.  I’m not telling you to hold onto it forever, but break out your creative hat and start to think of all the dramatic and exciting ways you can release this for mass enjoyment.  This is the perfect time to reach out to your photographer and start talking about planning an engagement session for save-the-date images.  Here are a few more fun ideas to help make sure you stand out.

5.  Everybody is going to want to hear all the details and you can’t wait to share but you still have to lead a normal-ish life.  You know, go to work, eating breakfast, showering, maybe even going on a real date with your special someone.  There are still only 24 hours in the day and all the well wishers can completely consume those hours.  Many relationships have taken serious hits during the engagement planning crush.  Consider starting a blog to document your wedding planning journey and make your first blog the story of how amazing your proposal was.  Ahh, social media efficiency at its best.

6.  You’re going to have a LOT on your plate.  I once heard it described as “drinking from a fire hose”, but you don’t have to be overwhelmed.  The world is full of resources.  Your newly married friends, your photographer, your family, all are a great sources of information and believe me they’re going to want to share their stories with you anyway.  Just take it all with a grain of salt and remember your day isn’t going to be like anybody else’s.  Now if you really want to get it right, you might want to consider reaching out to the real professionals.  These are the professionals who know how to take all your whimsical ideas and sticky notes and turn them into a day you’ll never forget.  If you’re in the Phoenix area, you’re in luck.  The fabulous Mrs. Hancock has some great ideas to help you out.

Have a great tip or lesson learned?  That comment section below is just calling your name.  Let’s hear what you’ve got.


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