The Merits of Hiring a Wedding Planner

Back when I was planning my wedding, I waffled back and forth between wishing I could afford a wedding planner and thinking I would never want a wedding planner. I know, makes no sense, right? Well hear me out.

I wanted a wedding planner because I wanted our day to be perfect, wonderful, fabulous, and knew having a professional help out is one way to do that.

I didn’t want a wedding planner because I am … how shall we say? … anal. I am picky and precise. I … drive people crazy. I figured if I hired a wedding planner I would lose all say in my wedding and it wouldn’t represent me and my fiancé anymore.

However, in just taking a casual glance at Mrs. Hancock’s Wedding and Event Services, a Phoenix-based wedding planning service that Sean Purcell Photography adores, I was reminded of all the reasons I thought it would be great to have one in the first place.

So, while having a wedding planner isn’t in the cards for everyone, there are many merits to considering one.

First of all, they can do as much or as little as you like. Maybe you start out wanting to do everything yourself and then get overwhelmed and wish someone would just choose the napkins and matchbooks from the 100,000 choices online so you can get on with your life already and stop having nightmares about scrolling through choices on They can do that.

A quick glance at Mrs. Hancock’s page highlights one of the main reasons you might want a wedding planner. IDEAS. Oh, the ideas. You might know that you definitely don’t want floral centerpieces, but have no idea where to go from there. She’s got you covered. If she’s got ideas she’s willing to share on facebook about non-floral centerpieces, trust me when I say she must have a LOT more than that.

You don’t have to deal with people you don’t want to deal with. Now, this alone would have made my wedding day so much more pleasant and calm. On the morning of my wedding, while I was watching my bridesmaids get their hair done, my caterer called me and accused me of trying to stiff them. They said they were in the hall, had counted all the chairs (!!!!) and knew I was trying to have fifteen more guests than I had paid them to serve, and they weren’t serving food until I wrote them another check. I was terrified, then angry, then scared again. We finally straightened it all out (I was right, they were wrong, of course), but I spent an hour on the phone crying on the morning of my wedding. In the meantime, the photographer and DJ had called my husband because they were standing at the hotel we told them we had booked rooms for them and there were no reservations in their names. He had sent them to the wrong hotel! Of course to book them in that hotel, he had to show up with his credit card or fax a copy over. All this interfered with his fun groomsmen lunch and put him an hour behind schedule, too. We’re lucky we got caught up and the wedding started on time, but we were still frazzled on our big day. I do not recommend it. I truly wish I had hired someone, if not JUST to have them be the one to call my caterers and put them in their place for accusing me of something so terrible and trying to ruin my wedding day. That, my friends, would have been PRICELESS.

I can assure you there are millions more reasons that hiring a wedding planner would make your day more enjoyable and save your butt, but these are my favorite.

Wouldn’t you rather look like this (calm and happy)? …

Than like THIS after your caterer calls you a thief?
Do you have any experience with a wedding or event planner? What are some of the reasons you are glad you employed him or her? Go ahead and leave a comment below.
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