A Little Help for the Guys

Hey guys, it’s not always about the bride…but let’s just keep that between us, okay?  Trust me, it’ll be better for both of us.  Today we have something for you guys.  It’s Saturday, the official BBQ and Buddies day.  So we’re showing a little love to the soon-to-be grooms on this fine man-holiday.
PicturePhoto Credit: Elder Jewelry
   Let’s face it, as guys we aren’t the best at subtle hints.  Those wedding planning magazines in the car, Bridal Gown Monthly on her coffee table, her friend’s wedding photography album on her bed…those really weren’t coincidence.  Nothing wrong with it, it’s just who we are.  Not to fear, the folks over at Groomsadvice.com have our back fellas with some tips on when it’s time to start looking at an engagement ring.  Now when you recognize a few, or all, of these traits, I want you to just sit back and relax.  You really like her.  Besides, she likes BBQ and buddies Saturdays too <fist bump>
Check it out here


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