7 Easy Ways to Add Years to Your Life (a few minutes at a time)

Eat those fruits and veggies.  Eating two or more servings of fruits and vegetables can add up to two hours to your life, PER DAY.

Picture Work from home – Studies show people who commute more than 31 miles per day, regularly die sooner than those who don’t.  All that stress and time spent sitting inactive really adds up.





Floss – Yep, flossing can add up to 6.4 years to your life.  Good breath and you stick around longer, who knew?  I was eating lunch while reading how many, and what type of germs and bacteria we have in our mouths.  Yummy.



Coffee – While we’re on the subject of teeth…and breath.  It seems coffee in moderation may have gotten a bad rap as of late.  One study of coffee drinkers showed male participants had a 10% less chance of dying and female participants had a 14% less chance of dying as compared to their non-coffee drinking buddies. With the hours I spend driving to photo shoots, checking gear and editing images, caffeine is my friend.  At this rate I’m going to live to be 170 years old!


Exercise – Okay, this one is pretty freaking amazing.  Every minute of exercise can up to seven minutes to your life.  I know right?  How incredible is that!?  How many investments in life deliver 1:1 or 1:7 return?  Brides and Grooms, I’m pointing at you for this one.  Aside from helping you look as hot as possible on your big day, it also reduces stress, helping you actually make it through the big day with all your hair in place.  More about that here.  So get out there and shake what your Momma’ gave you while preparing for your wedding.


PictureSmile and laugh! –    Really, as a Wedding Photographer, how can I not love this one?  The first draft of this blog even had it twice.  I’ve talked about What’s In A Smile before here on the blog but recent studies have once again shown laughter really may be the best medicine.






Tie the knot – That’s right, getting married is good for your health.  Single males aged between 30 and 59 have a two and a half times greater chance of kicking the bucket compared with their married counterparts.  Women have a 23% greater risk.  The study however, did not take into account the number of men who died trying impress a woman.  Been there, done that, have the scars to prove it.


PictureHey, don’t just stop here, let’s get social 🙂  Come visit me on Facebook or Twitter and join in on the fun.  Or if you’re looking for something on the light side, lets share our odd little worlds on “Instagram” at Sean_spphotography.   See you next time everybody 🙂  Sean


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