Photobombing the wedding…just don’t do it!


Photo Credit: IQvideography
Wow!!  That moment when a bride is walking down the isle, arm in arm with her Father, probably looking at her soon to be husband for the first time…the “awww” meter is absolutely pegged.  It’s one of the most iconic and requested shots a photographer is asked to capture on the big day.  Now take a look at this gorgeous photo from the folks over at IQvideography, what do you see?  The leading lines?  Perfect exposure?  How about the double and triple checked white balance or the time the hired wedding photographer took in scouting this exact spot to catch a classic moment the bride will want to remember?  Come to think of it can you even see the gorgeous bride?  Houston…we have a problem.
  In this awesome image, instead of a gorgeous bride and doting father, the eye is most likely drawn to either the tablet photographer completely covering the brides face, or if you’re like me, the woman in black taking a self portrait with the bride in background.  Hey, I can appreciate someone who stands out in a crowd.

The point is, this classic moment is probably not going to be captured, or captured as well as possible, by the professional wedding photographer the bride and groom actually contracted with to cover their big day.  There’s going to be a bit of scrambling, recomposing and a bit of finger crossing as the photographer works to get the shot necessary, without all the distractions.  Now don’t get me wrong, I’m sure Aunt Myrtle meant no harm when she leaned out with her tablet in hand, but by stepping out to grab that soon to be viral social media image, she took something away from that particular moment that can never be regained.

Don’t get me wrong, I love quickie photos as much as the next person and I TOTALLY understand the urge to document every single awesome thing I come across, my Instagram feed is testament to that.  But when you feel that inner shutterbug start to rise up, before you reach for that camera or smart device, please remember these little thoughts.

  • The bride and groom invited you to share their special moment for a reason.  They want you to enjoy yourself and jump feet first in the emotional experience that is their wedding.  Trust me, it’s important to them.
  • When the bride looks at you she wants to see you, her life time friend from High School…not a camera lens or smart phone.  Emotional connection is HUGE, and you’re missing it.
  • The bride is going to look ah-maze-ing.  That’s a fact.  But none of us look our best every single moment, just ask the undeniably beautiful Beyonce. (yikes!!)  Facing a paparazzi of smart phone wielding guests can be just a bit unnerving for an already nervous bride.
  • The couple who invited you spent a lot of time and effort finding a professional photographer that is a perfect fit for them.  They’ve made a sizable financial investment and spent hours, maybe weeks and months, explaining and describing the feel and style of photography the couple wants preserved.  Trust me…photobombed snapshots isn’t it.  Save those social media post images for the party at the reception.


  There’s a developing trend in weddings, the “Unplugged Wedding“.  The Unplugged Wedding is gaining momentum quickly and at Sean Purcell Photography we’re signing its praises at the top of our lungs!  As a matter of fact we highly recommend it to every bride we meet.  It’s even earned it’s own spot in our contract.  Seriously, I can’t say enough about what a good idea this is for everybody involved.

  The basic idea is that guests are kindly requested to turn off the phones and tablets, put down the point-shoot-camera or better yet, just leave them at home.  Today we’re connected to the outside world like never before, but at what cost?  Most of us have at least two or three means of contact at all times and if it didn’t happen on social media, it just isn’t official, right?  Wrong.

This isn’t the time or place for it.  You’re not going to want to miss one smile, happy tear, loving embrace or slightly awkward spontaneous break dancing event.  It’s a HUGE party, and you’ve been invited.  Trust me, the couple are going to have loads of images to share.  As photographers we just can’t help but racing to share them with the bride and groom so the whole world can see what we see through the camera.  It’s like some kind of visual addiction that keeps us up late at night and keeps the caffeine producers of the world in business.  So please, put the camera down and just sit back and enjoy the moment.

Psst…we love comments!  So don’t forget to share your funny wedding or event story in the comment section below.  What kind of craziness have you seen at a wedding?


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