Breaking wedding traditions

From the desk of: Veronica
As someone who loved planning her wedding and would do it over a hundred times if my budget (and convention) allowed, I am always thinking and reading about weddings.The other day I was thinking about the balance between traditional and non-traditional and how fun it is to show up to a wedding and see where the couple falls on that continuum. For my own wedding, we kept with many traditions, but did a fair amount of things “our own way.”Some ways that brides and grooms buck tradition are particularly interesting to me, and I wonder if they might even become the new traditions! Here are a few of my favorite:
1. Bridesmaids. Most specifically, their attire. Traditionally, bridesmaids would wear the same dress, same shoes, same jewelry, and often the same hairdo. Now it’s trendy to have the same dress in different colors, different dresses in the same color, or even all different dresses! Shoes, jewelry, and hair need not match!
2. Headgear. A veil is not mandatory these days. Wear a headband, a fascinator, or nothing at all! Whatever you think looks good with your dress is the best way to go! Heck, you can even have different headgear for the ceremony and the reception.
3. Shoes. You’ve seen enough expensive white bridal shoes in your life to know that they all pretty much look the same, no one will see them if you wear a long dress, and you will never ever wear them again. These days, more and more brides are using their shoes to add a pop of fun and color to their attire, whether they show them off or keep them a fun secret.
4. Giving away the bride. Father of the bride not the person to walk to you down the aisle for whatever reason? Let the most significant person in your life walk you, whether it be your mother, brother, uncle, or son … if you even have anyone walk you down the aisle at all!
5. Seating. More and more receptions are including the much-pinned sign proclaiming guests should sit on either side of the aisle. It’s an interesting idea! If the wedding is about bringing two families together, then why separate them from the beginning?
What do you think? Love these changes? Hate them? Which do you think are here to stay and which are the flavor of the week? We’d love to hear from you! Leave us a comment and take some time to peruse the website to see some of our lovely brides and grooms — some traditional, and some not! 
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