Did someone say cake??

For the last few weeks, I’ve been been posting helpful tips for smoother wedding planning. From the dress to the flower consult to the invitations. Now, we’ve moved on to…
The Cake. (yes, I know I capitalized that. It’s CAKE.)
    Years ago, it didn’t seem like there were many choices when it came to wedding cakes. Everyone had pretty much the same thing – a 3-5 tier round cake. Sure, some people had columns between the layers, and some people didn’t. You could customize them in small ways to make them your own, but for the most part, all cakes were the same.Not these days.Almost as mindboggling as the invitations, the cake process can be quite overwhelming, too. So many options. I’m not going to try and steer you toward one route over another. I’m just going to lay out some of more popular options these days, and explain why couples go with them. Maybe it will help you make a decision, and maybe it won’t.Traditional cake – Still a pretty popular option, there are SO many ways to breathe life into what could otherwise be a run of the mill cake. See the one below. Sean shot this at a wedding last summer, and I just LOVE what the bride did to bring her theme and personality into it. Beats plain white, doesn’t it??

The Cupcake Cake – A reasonably priced alternative to a traditional cake, this is becoming more and more popular. Most bakeries charge less per cupcake than they do per slice of wedding cake, since they’re easier to mass-produce. Plus, there’s no cake-cutting fee imposed by the reception venue, since there’s nothing to cut. For photo ops, some couple choose to have a small cake at the top of their tiers of cupcakes, since tradition is ..well, tradition. Check out this one.
    The other alternative that I’ll go over with you tonight is something that most guests don’t even realize is HAPPENING….the “fake” cake. This is where the bride and groom decide that though they love the look of a traditional wedding cake, they just can’t afford, or don’t want to go to the expense of $3-5 per guest. (Yeah, it doesn’t sound like much when I put it like that, but if you have 200 guests, you’re spending upwards of $1000 on … cake.)What’s a “fake” cake, you ask? It’s a Styrofoam shape of a cake, typically frosted and decorated like a normal cake would be.  There’s usually a real layer on top, for the bride and groom to be able to cut into for photo ops. But where’s the rest of the cake? Simple! It’s all in the kitchen, made into sheet cakes. Sheet cakes made the exact same way as the wedding cake cost WAY less. There’s no extensive decorating, there’s no set-up …it’s ingenious, really. And as long as it’s done properly, you can’t even tell. See the one below.
Would you EVER have guessed that there WASN’T cake under that delicious buttercream? Yeah … me, neither.

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