If You’re Going to Choreograph …

To choreograph or not? That is the question when it comes to first dances.

Originally, this just referred to whether or not you would spend one night a week for a few months taking ballroom dancing lessons and putting together something with a lot of box steps, twirls, and a dip at the end. However, these days it can mean a lot more.

You’ve probably seen a few of the first dance videos that went viral on youtube, like the evolution of dance first dance or the “original” surprise first dance. However, I’ve got an all-time favorite.

Back in 6th grade I decided I WOULD do this at my wedding. I was certain. As the years went by and I evaluated my wedding plan checklist (Spring time, check; in a botanical garden, check; bridesmaids wear pink dresses, check; do the Dirty Dancing dance, check), I was in love with it all. It was only a matter of time before it all unfolded magically as I planned.

Then I met Jeremy. When he proposed, I couldn’t wait until spring to get married. I was happy to get married in the dead of winter. That eliminated two things on my sacred list right off the bat. Then there was the small detail that Jeremy was … well, he was not the type of guy to do that dance.

Don’t get me wrong! It’s not as if I asked him and he struck the idea down. I suppose if I told him it meant the world to me and I wanted nothing more for our wedding day, he would have grit his teeth and gone along with it, but that’s not what I wanted. I didn’t want to force him to do something so totally out of character, on this, of all days. I knew the man I was in love with, and I loved him for good reason. I knew that dance wasn’t on his to-do list, and therefore, we had a wedding that reflected us together, which is what it should be.

HOWEVER. If you think a fun dance to shock your guests reflects you as a couple, then DO IT! Please, please, do it! Then send me the link on youtube so I can watch it! I believe my role in life is now to convince other couples to just do it! Choreograph a fun dance! Make people laugh! Laugh with your new spouse! And, consider the Dirty Dancing dance, won’t you? It really is the best.

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