Don’t be that cliche. Avoid becoming a Bridezilla with these simple suggestions.

We’ve all seen it happen, if not to ourselves, then someone near us. It’s even so common that they made a TV show out of it. A rising affliction among wedding planning brides … becoming Bridezilla.

No one WANTS to be a Bridezilla. Well…maybe some people do, but the vast majority of brides end up feeling bad that they’ve treated their friends and family so horribly. There are a few very simple ways to relieve some of the stress of wedding planning.

  •    Set time aside for yourself – You’ve got your planner open in front of you, scheduling meetings with the florist, the photographer, the seamstress, the DJ, the caterer, the pastor, the cake lady …the list seems endless, and quite overwhelming While you’ve got that calendar open, pencil in some time for yourself. No, actually, INK in some time for yourself. This is absolutely necessary. If you’re doubting me, go ask your maid of honor. I dare ya. Book a massage. Go for a hike. Hit the gym. Whatever you like to do to relax, DO it. And don’t rush through it. Take this time for you.
  •     Set time aside for you and your fiance – Everything during the last few months has been all about the two of you, but when was the last time you two actually spent time together? Time that didn’t involve wedding planning. Equally important to scheduling some “you” time, is making sure that the two of you also get quality time. Don’t get so wrapped up in the day, that you lose sight of why it’s happening. Take a quick weekend trip. I know most of your funds are wrapped up in the wedding and/or honeymoon, and you feel like every spare cent needs to be devoted to that. Not true. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate, just hit a bed and breakfast for the weekend. Something that allows the two of you to reconnect and forget the stress for a couple of days. And, leading into the next suggestion, don’t take your phone with you. Or, at the very least, leave it in the car.
  •     Unplug – Everyone has a smartphone these days, and while it’s completely great to be able to stay connected via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email, text and voice .. sometimes you need to set the phone down and walk away for a little while. Imagine how peaceful it would be to NOT hear your phone going off every five minutes with event reminders, questions from vendors, phone calls from well-meaning friends. One hour (or more) a day, shut it off. Don’t just put it on vibrate. You’ll look at it, trust me. Shut it right down. And keep it that way until you’ve finished yoga, catching up on the day with your beloved, or just looking out the window. Most people forget that there was a time that we weren’t constantly connected to everyone in our life. And how much simpler life was back then.

Try to keep these three things in mind, and I guarantee, you’ll be a much calmer bride, like Ashley was. Amanda blog-4


Have a suggestion that you don’t see here? Or a story about how you were/weren’t a Bridezilla? Leave it in the comments below.

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