Lovely Life Thought: Brighten Up Your Summer

I don’t know what it’s been like in your neck of the woods, but where I am, summer has been … weird. I don’t feel like it’s even started yet and we’re more than halfway through June! I feel especially bad for my kids, because by now we’ve usually had a solid month and a half of days packed with parks and pools and beaches and sprinklers and popsicles, but this year it’s just sad. It’s been rainy and cold and dreary, and if by chance the temperature gets above 50, the humidity hits 100% by 10 AM and the day is shot anyway. I’m feeling very cranky about it, and I need to do something to adjust my attitude.

I was thinking last night about all the summer fun lists that I see for parents so they can squeeze every last drop of fun out of summer for their kids, and I decided I needed a list too … for ME.

I know, sounds selfish, right? Well, that’s okay. Every day will still revolve around my kids and their happiness, but I need to find a few things that will make me happy and feel like summer is here to make me more fun to be around. So I came up with this short list:

Plant more flowers. Specifically, hot pink flowers. I’ve been spending a LOT of time on my yard. It’s the first summer in our new house, and there was a TON to do outside. I’ve been pulling out poisonous and overgrown plants, transplanting, and planting my favorites like lilacs and peonies and gladiola, but I need more. And what better way to put on a smile on my face then to see hot pink flowers every time I look outside? I have my eye on a big hot pink azalea bush for my front yard and some pink sunpatients for a big stone salvaged planter along my driveway I just spray painted white this weekend.

Ride my bike. Tonight’s the night. I’m going to order a bike trailer on Amazon, hook it to the back of my bike, and I’m going to drag all 50 pounds of my kids on a bike ride every morning. Fresh air and exercise, here I come!

Go to a National Park. I would love to visit each and every National Park there is, and I have never had the pleasure of traveling out west yet, but I have to start somewhere. I might get to any in my top ten list this summer, but I can make it to one! As a bonus, the girls and my husband will love this trip, too.

Make homemade popsicles once a week. With Pinterest, I have no excuse. I could make a different batch with fresh juices and fresh fruit and all kinds of delightful ingredients every week, easily. My girls will also benefit greatly from this.

Start doing yoga again – preferably in my backyard. Even though our yard needed a lot of work, it’s a great yard and is pretty private. There’s no reason I couldn’t slap a mat in the middle of it and stretch away while the girls climb on the swing set or run around. Namaste.

Get four or more date nights in before the end of August. We have lots of things we want to do with the girls, plus weddings and open houses and a big joint birthday party to plan for the girls in August (they have the same birthday – what are the odds of that, right?!?!), but I want to make sure I have some time alone with my special gentleman friend.

Whew! It’s a short list, but it also seems like a lot. How about you? How can you brighten your own summer? Let us know in the comments.

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