Tips for the guys

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.”
Yogi Berra

There are many elements of the wedding planning that as guys we just have no say in.  Even if we did, let’s face it, it’s HER day and we’re just along for the ride.  But hold on, there are definitely some areas that fall squarely into our court and guys, it’s time to bring your “A” game and start planning.

Ring for blog

  • Popping the question!  Right…so you’ve finally gathered up the courage and now it’s down to the nitty-gritty.  Hey, if you don’t think “how” you ask is important, let’s not forget the all important “bragging rights” factor.  Just like she’s going to be bragging about the ring you give her, the next question is going to be “How did he ask?”  Come on, we’re guys, competition is what we do.  We’ve been competing since we were old enough to understand that someone had to be able to run faster and swing higher.  And it usually involved impressing a girl…so this is nothing new to us.  Here are some great articles on popping the question to make sure your fiance has top bragging rights at the next girls night event.

Make a plan…now make another plan.

Even CNN has some good tips.

  • Picking the groomsmen – Ahh, time to pick the Wingmen.  While it’s true that you shouldn’t start out with a concrete number (although as a photographer there is something to be said for symmetry with the number of bridesmaids), it just becomes unruly once you go past eight groomsmen.  They say blood is thicker than water and in this case, unless it is going to start World War III with your soon-to-be bride, inviting your brother and future brother in-law is a great place to start.
  • Bachelor party!!!  As a famous on-screen fighter once said…”The first rule of Bachelor Party, is you don’t talk about Bachelor Party.”  Okay, I may have that a bit wrong but it sounds like good advice, right?  But seriously, this isn’t something you want to rub in your fiance’s face.  She already is imagining something out of The Bachelor.  No good can come from you adding fuel to the fire with joking about strippers and clowns.  Rule number two is make sure that you schedule the big event early enough to leave time to recover from any hangovers, broken bones, or unexpected travel delays.  While it makes for funny movie drama, you’re never going to recover from being late to your own wedding.  Planning on a couple of weeks out from the wedding date is a pretty safe bet.  And rule three is plan ahead.  Keep in mind that it takes time to plan a good stag affair and as guys we’re not always the best at prompt responses to emails and texts.  So make sure to get the guys talking about this about 6-8 weeks out to make sure it’s something fun you’ll remember.

Need some inspiration?  Here are some…well…eventful inspirations for you.  However, I take no blame if you choose to follow them and end up in another country, married to a monkey or have a facial tattoo we’re trying to hide during your wedding photos.  Just sayin’

Finally, since we can be a wee bit competitive…I came across this guy’s truly epic movie based proposal.  Her reaction in the corner is just classic!

Hey Michigan, we’re headed your way soon!  We’ll be in Port Huron July 12th-14th for some awesome sessions.  We still have some openings or If you’re in the area, we’d love to say hello.

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