Our Gift

From the desk of: Veronica

When Sean and Amanda offered to take pictures of me and my husband to make up for my dreadful wedding pictures AND some of my family, I was flabbergasted. How wonderful and amazing are these people, am I right?

I was so excited. But … if I’m being totally honest, I was also very nervous.

Here’s the thing: I love pictures. My girls are so gorgeous they take my breath away. My husband is incredibly good-looking. That leaves me. And I am really not a fan of the way I look.

I know, I know. Love yourself, blah blah blah, but I don’t. I just don’t, and I feel like a lot of people feel the same way I do. We’re not all models, and I’m certainly not the most hideous person on the planet, but when I see pictures of myself, I just cringe. I look like THAT?

So on top of the shopping for clothes and getting my hair did and making sure the girls were as clean and primped as possible, I was also worrying about the outcome. Am I going to hate the pictures simply because I am in them?

Then it hit me. These pictures aren’t just for me anyway. Sure, no matter how fat I think I look, I’m going to hang them on my wall and make them my wallpaper on my computer and stare at them every day and love them, but it hit me out of the blue the other day: These are for my girls.

Family portrait

These pictures of our young family, happy, healthy, smiling. These pictures of me and Jeremy, totally in love with each other. These are for me, but they are going to be the pictures my girls pull out to look at when they want to remember their youth, or see what mom and dad looked like when they were young. The love is going to ooze out of these images, and I just know they won’t be able to look at them without smiling.

Then, one day, their possible future children (and those children’s children, and those children’s children, and on and on) will pull these out of dusty photo albums to see what their ancestors looked like. While it’s possible it might cross someone’s mind that mom/grandma/great-grandma was pleasantly plump, I don’t think that’s what they will be looking for.

They will look for the sparkle in my eyes. The smile on my face. The dimples that might look just like their own. How I hold my husband’s arm. How I stare at my children with such love it looks as if my heart will burst. That’s what they’ll look for, not the size of my hips. And they’ll find all those things.

Couple's portrait

Thank you Sean and Amanda. I thank you, and my family thanks you. You have given us such a beautiful gift.

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6 thoughts on “Our Gift

  1. Oh Veronica, exactly! Spot on. We’re going this Saturday to have our families done, baby weight & all. Thanks for the reality check & inspiration! Much Love! P.S. Beautiful pictures & family as always!


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