The Dimick Family

From the desk of: Amanda

I’ve known Veronica for a super long time, like all the way back to high school. When Sean approached me about wanting to bring on someone who is far more experienced in the ways of blogging than we are, I knew she was the person I wanted to approach first. She’s got an amazing personal blog, and I knew that even if she wasn’t interested in the spot, she could likely point me toward someone who was. I was over the moon when she agreed to help us out. I absolutely love her writing style, and I knew she would be a huge asset to SPP.

One of her first contributions to our blog was about her experience with her wedding photographer, and after hearing that she couldn’t even hang ONE photo on her wall, Sean and I wanted to do something for her, since we both (obviously) feel that loving your photos is very important. We knew that we couldn’t go back and recreate her wedding day, but we could still give her and Jeremy some very special photos of the two of them, worthy of hanging on their walls. I’ll talk more about that shoot in my next post. For now, I’m going to give you a closer look at their family session.

Veronica and Jeremy have two beautiful daughters, Josephine and Genevieve, who are center of their world. The whole family was a ton of fun to work with, but these two little girls really stole the show. I knew right from the first moment they arrived that this was going to be an awesome time. Josie, who I hadn’t seen in quite some time, immediately grabbed my hand and took off, while Gigi flashed me the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on a one year old.

veronica family 7

These girls were total show-stealers. I mean, look at this

veronica family 5

They almost didn’t even need Mom and Dad around, lol.


But when we finally caught them … look what happened:

veronica family 2Perfection. This family is so full of love and it shows through in everything they do. Sean and I are blessed to not only have Veronica on our team, but to call her our friend.

Stay tuned for my next post, showcasing how freaking gorgeous Veronica and her hubby are together.

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