Finding the Perfect Flower Girl Gift

From the desk of: Veronica

When you choose a little girl to be your flower girl, you are creating a lasting memory for a little lady in your life. To be a flower girl is a special honor, and I’ve never met a flower girl who wasn’t walking on air because of the delight she feels (can you tell I always wanted to be a flower girl? It’s okay. I’ll get over it one day.)

Traditionally, you will give your flower girl a gift, and the gift can be easily tailored to fit your flower girl’s age and tastes, but everyone could use a few good ideas to help them cross one task off that mile-long to-do list! Hopefully this list can do just that for you!

If your flower girl is young, a popular choice is to pack a bag with goodies to entertain them during the ceremony and reception. (some people might call this a bribe – get down the aisle and toys await! – call it what you will.) Coloring books, crayons, stickers, and any other quiet fun from the dollar store should be loads of fun.

Flower Girl Tote Bag

And heck, why not toss this little teddy bear in there? It’s only five dollars!

Flower Girl Teddy Bear

I got my flower girl a necklace, earrings, bracelet, and tiara to wear the day of the wedding inside a little silver personalized jewelry box, so I’m partial to the idea, even if it’s not the most original thing in the world. She loved it, and you can get nice jewelry boxes for as cheap as $14 or get a super fancy one to grow into.

Personalized Silver Jewelry Box

And obviously, there is a wide variety of jewelry to choose from, but I think this is darling.

Double Strand Pearl Bracelet

If you would have told me three years ago that I would have a child who is obsessed with snow globes, I never would have believed you. But here we are, and they’re a lovely idea for a gift a little girl will enjoy now and keep out in her room for years and years.

Carousel Horse Water Globe

The same goes for a Precious Moments figurine – something to be enjoyed now and cherished for years.

Precious Moments Flower Girl Figurine

I know piggy banks don’t scream “wedding,” but they are popular, and I totally get it – if there’s something my oldest daughter loves more than snow globes, it’s piggy banks.

Personalized Piggy Bank

If you want to get really long-term AND sentimental, might I suggest this doozy:

Personalized Flower Girl Handkerchief

Hopefully I could help you find the perfect gift for the little girl (or girls) who will share your special day.

You can find Veronica at her blog, Veronica M.D. (no, she’s not a real doctor), on TwitterInstagram, (and Pinterest!). Feel free to stalk her. She encourages it.


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