Behind the scenes with SPP

From the desk of: Amanda

A couple weeks ago, I posted about the Bubbles for Brooklyn project that Sean and I were a part of. There was a small look behind the scenes, but it got me thinking. I have a ton of iPhone photos showing our set-ups and some wacky stories to go along with them. Why not share some of them with you guys, so you can see just how much fun we have when we’re on a shoot?

Here’s a quick look at the set-up from our senior shoot with Chris W. (Yeah, Sean was doing my job so that I could take this photo, lol)

The Dimick girls kept me busy, so I never had a chance to snap anything officially behind the scenes on this shoot, but here are a few candid shots from when we were blowing bubbles. When the bubble burst on Josie, she exclaimed “That felt just like when the giraffe SNEEZED on me!!” which made us all burst out laughing. There was never a dull moment with these guys.

Setting up the Zill family shoot was a riot. Sean and I were busy going over equipment and checking settings when we heard one of the kids exclaim “Andrew! You just stepped on a BIRD!!” I quickly looked up, and wondered what on earth he actually stepped on. There was no way a human was going to step on a bird, even if you’re a rambunctious six year old! I wandered over, and found this:

It WAS a bird! Who woulda thought? Turns out the poor things nest was displaced from the tree we were setting up under, so we spent the next hour watching our feet, making sure that the baby bird was no longer underfoot.

Sean is probably going to kill me for the next shot, but this is what happens when your assistant hears “It’s a good thing Amanda is sitting behind the softbox, and has NO idea what’s going on. Otherwise, I’m sure she’d have photos up on the internet by now.” How did I respond? Very quietly. My iPhone popped up over the top of the softbox and caught him doing this:

Hehe. Just because one cannot see what’s going on, does not mean that she cannot hear what is going on. I”m sure my paybacks are coming. <wink>

We took a bit of a break, but as the sunset drew near, Sean and I were setting up for a super cool shoot involving Amy and her Camaro. This shoot was going very smoothly, almost to the point of not even needing my assistance. See? They were rocking this shoot.

image(21)…..until the sun went down a little, and the mosquitoes came out. They started harassing Amy, so I busted out the bug spray. Then it was Sean’s turn, so I covered him, too. I was standing there, getting cocky about how they weren’t biting ME, when every mosquito in St Clair County descended upon me. Turns out they couldn’t land on Sean and Amy anymore, so I was looking like dinner. Check this out:

No, those white flecks aren’t stars. That would be a trillion mosquitoes illuminated by our lighting. I can’t believe how MANY were out!

So there’s a quick peek into what happens behind the camera on a SPP shoot. Lots of laughs, tons of fun, and …mosquitoes.

Keep an eye out for the recaps of the shoots from the “official” side of lens.

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