Four Years Later

From the desk of: Veronica

Since I shared my fears about my photo shoot with you, I thought it only fair I tell you how it went. I know you’ve already seen some of the family portraits and some of the shots of me and my husband, but I want to tell you about the making of those pictures of me and Jeremy.

I knew that this session was intended to make up for my lousy wedding photos, but I was very focused on the family photos we were to take at the beginning of the day. If you’ve ever taken a photo of a child, attempted to take a photo of a child, or even, you know, watched a child run around like a wild animal, you know that it can often be impossible to get kids to cooperate. Then try to do it with two of them. Oh, and make sure their parents are also looking good and not talking to the kids or trying to get them to smile. I was worried we wouldn’t get a single good shot, and to be honest, by the time we were done with those pictures, the worry had exhausted me. Of course, I had nothing to be worried about, but try and tell me not to worry – it doesn’t work.

veronica family 7

So, by the time Jeremy and I were supposed to leave the girls with my mom and be romantic in front of the camera, I was already worn out. But then something wonderful happened.

Everyone else melted away. It was just me and Jeremy.

veronica couple 7

Seriously. We were giggling like kids, smooching, and whispering in each others’ ears. We were smiling so big my face hurt. I couldn’t stop looking at Jeremy. I felt like we fell in love all over again.

veronica couple kiss 2

When we were done with the shoot and packed the girls in the car, we just kept looking at each other with big goofy grins.

“That was like … a date!” I told Jeremy, and he agreed. We had an amazing time, and seriously thought even if we never saw any of the pictures, we had already gotten so much out of the experience that we were completely satisfied. We were madly in love and had a fantastic day.

And THEN, we DID get the pictures. Bonus! And they were amazing! BONUS bonus!

veronica couple_bridgeveronica family 2

I had no idea this experience would be so profoundly moving, and I have to tell you, I realize now just how fantastic it must be for brides and grooms to work with an amazing photographer on their wedding day. To have had that kind of moment on what was the greatest day of my life would have been perfect. Thankfully, I got that moment, four years after the fact, thanks to Sean and Amanda.

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