Re-evaulating your priorities .. your dream might not be as far out of reach as you think!!

From the desk of: Amanda

Is there something that you’ve always wanted, but think you can’t afford?

A vacation? A new ring? A portrait session?

Family portrait, Sean Purcell Photography, Virginia PhotographerIt might not be as far out of reach as you think.

We’ve all been there, and most of us are probably there now. There’s one big ticket item that no matter how badly we want it, we constantly talk ourselves out of buying. We have a very hard time justifying spending the money on it.

Recently, I was on one of the blogs I read on a semi-regular basis, Psychology for Photographers, and Jenika had just posted an article that broke everything down, and delved into the psychology of it all. I won’t re-invent the wheel, if you want to read it, you can find it here. Basically, people are afraid to spend money if the amount is something that they consider high, but they have no problem spending the same amount of money, broken down into several smaller expenditures. For example, I want an iPad. Almost need one these days, and I keep telling myself that there are plenty of other things I have to do first, like front end work on my car. However, last month, taking a quick look at my bank statement, I realized I’d spent at least half, if not close to three-quarters the cost of an iPad on… nothing. I went out to eat a few times. There went $75. I rewarded myself for a long week’s work with a clothing spree. I limited myself to $50, but I did that at three stores. Oops. A trip to the jeweler. A trip to the salon, where I had not just my nails done, but my hair cut and highlighted. Numerous trips to the coffee shop. All of these “small” expenditures added up so fast! Almost to the cost of the tablet that I want so badly. It really didn’t feel like I was spending the amount of money that I did. Eating at home, staying away from the tank tops, being happy as a less caffeinated brunette, and I could have had my iPad.

Coffee, Sean Purcell Photography, Virginia Photographer

So, I challenge you. Take a glance through your bank statement. I’d guess yours looks an awful lot like mine, and the money you don’t think you have for that dream item? I bet you’re still spending it, but able to justify it because each expense isn’t as large. Trust me, you’ll be far happier with yourself if you go for it, and get what you really want. Look at it this way. What would make you happier, dinner at the steakhouse downtown, that’s gone in a few hours, or a falling asleep to a gorgeous family portrait hanging on your wall? I think I know what your answer is. 😉

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