From the desk of: Veronica

Last night I had a terrible nightmare. I woke up in a fog, and for hours I couldn’t shake the feeling of being scared and on alert.

Then I remembered what day it was today.


September 11th 2001 was one of the most terrifying days of my life — and I wasn’t even there. I didn’t see it, I didn’t have to escape from the buildings, I didn’t have to call loved ones to say good-bye, I didn’t run in to save anyone. I didn’t even know anyone directly affected.

And yet, I couldn’t shake the terror, the anger, the outrage, the sadness. The overwhelming sadness.


It took me a long time to realize that sometimes really good things happen at the same time the most horrible things are happening. While it was the worst day I could remember, it was also a day when countless heroes were born.

All those people who ran toward the buildings instead of away.

All the service men and women, the average people, the people who were more scared than they had ever been in their lives but thought of others and made a decision to help — all those people are what make this country really great.

America faced a horrific day, and Americans faced it with courage and love.


It’s good to remember this day, and I truly hope you can remember it without hate in your hearts, and instead with love and reverence for those who did such good on this day and every day after.

Thank you to everyone who tried to make good from a bad situation and loved before hating.


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