More Modern Wedding Trends

From the desk of: Veronica

Have you ever noticed that people always urge you to “do what you want” for your wedding because “it’s your day!” yet there are so many elements of the ceremony and reception that remain because they are almost sacred? Walking down the aisle, cutting the cake, having a first dance – most weddings you attend will have some variations of these elements, right?

However, there are a few “sacred” elements of weddings that might be on the way out. A few months ago I talked about bridesmaid attire, headgear, footwear, giving away the bride, and ceremony seating. I have a few more for you to ponder:

1. Bouquet & Garter Toss

Only two of the last ten weddings I’ve attended have included this tradition. My husband and I had no strong opinions either way about it, so when the DJ asked if we wanted to do it, we just said “meh” and did it, because why not. However, some people find it a bit too risqué or cheesy or pointless, and they might have a point, of course.

I mean, there was the time I caught the bouquet and the garter was caught by the ELEVEN YEAR OLD younger brother of one of my high school friends and they forced me to sit in a chair and have him put it on my leg. Ahem.

2. Ringbearer Holding the Rings

Traditionally the ringbearer carries the bride and groom’s rings on a dainty little pillow and supplies them when needed. Adorable? Yes. Memorable for the young boy in question? Yes. Gut-wrenchingly stressful for the bride and groom? Probably.

I mean, it’s not like I didn’t trust my adorable nephew, but he was six and would be holding thousands of dollars attached by two delicate ribbons. The potential for the ribbons to fail or him to get distracted was too much for me to handle.

I bought fake rings at Claire’s and gave the real rings to the maid of honor and best man. Easy peasy.

3. Reception Seating Plan

Another recent change to pick up steam is the no-chart reception. I’m not saying it’s never been done before this decade, but it appears to be gaining popularity, and sigs like THIS and THIS are all over Pinterest.

The sentiment behind this one is very nice – sit wherever you like! Have fun! – but it definitely depends on the venue and crowd. If you have small tables and know that you have a lot of large groups attending the wedding, it might not be the best idea, especially if you keep twenty families after the ceremony for group pictures and then they arrive at the reception to find every table only has one or two open seats left and they will have to separate. Of course, it will work out nicely for the parent who thinks to call “not it!” and race for a single seat, leaving the other to wrangle the kids (muahahaha!)

As long as you are keeping your guests in mind, then have at it. Fun, casual, and more like a party than a formal event, so if that’s what you aim to create, then this will certainly help the atmosphere.

What do you think? Are these on track to be the new norm or just a flash in the pan? Would you use any of these in your own wedding?

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