Book Review: Here I Go Again by Jen Lancaster

Now that Halloween is long gone and I’m done with my scary-reading binge, I thought I might recommend some lighter reading that will only keep you up at night because you want to keep reading, not because you’re checking your locks.

Wait, let me just get this out of my system:

Here I go again, on my own
Goin’ down the only road I’ve ever known
Like a drifter I was born to walk alone
And I’ve made up my mind
I ain’t wasting no more time
Here I go agaiiiiinnnnn

Okay, thanks. And yes, there are many Whitesnake and 80s rock references throughout the book, so rock on.

If I could sum up this book in one sentence, it would be to say that this book is Mean Girls meets Back to the Future meets Wizard of Oz meets Thirteen Going on Thirty. You totally know what I mean, right?

Maybe the summary from the publisher will make more sense:

Twenty years after ruling the halls of her suburban Chicago high school, Lissy Ryder doesn’t understand why her glory days ended. Back then, she was worshipped…beloved…feared. Present day, not so much. She’s been pink-slipped from her high-paying job, dumped by her husband and kicked out of her condo. Now, at thirty-seven, she’s struggling to start a business out of her parents’ garage and sleeping under the hair-band posters in her old bedroom. 

Lissy finally realizes karma is the only bitch bigger than she was. Her present is miserable because of her past. But it’s not like she can go back in time and change who she was…or can she?

Can I just say that I should have been reading Jen Lancaster a long time ago? Her writing is biting and hilarious, and … what’s even better than hilarious? Whatever is funnier than hilarious, that’s what she is. I can understand why she chose to write the voice of a mean girl, because it made for some interesting dialogue and inner monologues. On top of that, Lancaster is a master of character development. There was not a single character in the book that I didn’t feel like I had met in person and had known for years. I have to hand it to her, even though I was having a REALLY hard time in the first third of the book suspending disbelief (Okay, she’s … going back in TIME? Good lord.), once I was halfway through the book, there was no way I was putting it down until I was done.

Bottom line: Hilarious, well-written, great characters. If I can read from the point of view of someone I dislike and still want to devour the book …. that’s some dang fine writing. Excuse me while I go out and read all the rest of Lancaster’s work.

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