Let Me Get You Out of a Shopping Pickle

from the desk of Veronica

Do you have a hard-to-shop-for somebody on your holiday list?

You do. I know you do. Quit trying to act cool. We all have one.

I’ve found that this person often takes the form of a man or woman who buys everything he or she really wants and basically already owns everything of interest. I know, I know — the obvious answer is to donate to a charity in this person’s name. Especially since Christmas is too commercial and consumerism is the devil and blah blah blah.

Listen, I know people shouldn’t just focus on the things. I get that. But Christmas is also about giving. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but gifts are just the thing we do. And there are only so many times you can donate to a charity in someone’s name before they start to think you are pulling a Human Fund on them.

So, if you can’t donate to a charity, what do we do about this hard-to-buy-for person?

Well, lucky you, I have a few sites that have really gotten me out of a few pickles. I love these sites because they have unique items that definitely fall into the category of things no one really needs and wouldn’t even know they wanted until they pull the festive wrapping paper from it and find it in their hands.

1. Perpetual Kid (perpetualkid.com)

Do you know someone who would like some Sriracha candy canes? Ninja cookie cutters? A coffee bean scented pen? Yeah you do!


(all images from perpetualkid.com)

Sriracha candy canes, $7.99 I Ninjabread men cookie cutters, $9.99 I Coffee bean scented pen, $10.49

2. Think Geek (thinkgeek.com)

Exactly what it sounds like. Everything you could ever need to make your Star Wars, Star Trek, Dr. Who, or Game of Thrones fan happy. Thousands of items, each more delightful than the last. Perhaps my favorite thing on the entire site is this:

(image from thinkgeek.com)

Tauntaun sleeping bag, $149.99

Get it? GET IT?

3. ModCloth (modcloth.com)

ModCloth sells a lot of lovely clothes (which, yes, buy me those), but their “apartment” section is full of darling items that would make any hipster weep with joy.


(all images from modcloth.com)

The Gang’s Owl Here Teapot, $29.99 I Tentacle Spectacular Mug Set, $44.99 I Istan-bowl Set, $34.99

4. Uncommon Goods (uncommongoods.com)

Choosing favorites to highlight is like choosing a favorite child. I want every single thing on this website.


(all images from uncommongoods.com)

Agate coasters, $64 I Paper pots, $39 I LP record frame, $22 I Deep sea sand art, $85

And there you have it folks — you now have no excuses left. Happy shopping and happy holidays!

You can find Veronica at her blog, Veronica M.D. (no, she’s not a real doctor), and on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Feel free to stalk her. She encourages it.


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