Who to Follow on Instagram

From the desk of: Veronica

You’re going to think I’m really strange when I tell you this, but … one of my favorite accounts on Instagram is the US Interior.

I know. A government entity is blowing my mind with the beauty of its photography. Color me as surprised as you are.

But seriously. The majesty of the United States is boundless, and this is the account to follow if you want to see all the corners of it on a daily basis. I had a hard time only choosing a few to highlight. Here are some of my favorites:


I can’t wait to bring you more accounts to brighten your day! If you want to keep up with Sean Purcell Photography, you can find Sean’s Instagram HERE and Amanda’s HERE, and if you want to look at millions of pictures of my kids, you can find my Instagram HERE.

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Live Monarch Foundation

From the desk of: Veronica

You know those days when you stumble across something and just think, This is SUCH a good thing! I love that. Today was one of those days.

I discovered the Live Monarch Foundation, and I am so excited.


I love butterflies, especially Monarchs (not to be biased — sorry, other butterflies!), and unfortunately, if things continue the way they are, we could lose the Monarch migration in our lifetime. The Live Monarch Foundation wants to change that, and one of their main initiatives is to educate people about the importance of growing a Monarch’s main source of food — milkweed — and get milkweed growing in EVERY YARD.

In order to see this happen, if you send $1 (yes, just ONE DOLLAR!) in a self-addressed stamped envelope, they will send you 50+ seeds to plant! They offer three varieties of milkweed (seen below):


For every dollar you send, you will get 50+ seeds, but if you can afford to give more, amazing gifts start at the $30 giving range, including:

  • Special variety seed packs for a complete butterfly garden
  • Mature living plants
  • Living Monarch caterpillars and rearing kits
  • T-shirts and butterfly kites
  • Live adult Monarchs ready to fly free at your next special event

In addition, you can find resources on the life cycle of a Monarch, a butterfly drawing contest for kids with prizes in every age group, and advanced caterpillar and butterfly care information.

This was just one of those finds that I immediately wanted to share with the world. Whether you like butterflies and plan to send them a dollar or are a teacher who could make a lesson plan from this to share with an entire class, this is information worth having.

If you plan on planting some milkweed like I do, enjoy your butterfly-filled spring and summer!

You can find Veronica at her blog, Veronica M.D. (no, she’s not a real doctor), and on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Feel free to stalk her. She encourages it.

Where do those wedding traditions come from?


The exchanging of the rings is one of my favorite moments during a wedding.  Everything about it is just incredible.  By this point in the ceremony the bride has already made her grand entrance and walked down the isle drawing “ooohs” and “aaaahs” from everybody in attendance (another classic photo).  Yeah, that tradition is incredible but from there the energy just keeps building.  Then there’s the wedding officiant, who can always be counted on to bring a lump to the throat and a smile to the face of everybody with their practiced words to the couple. Or maybe it’s the groom gently holding his bride’s hand as he slides the ring onto her finger? Or it could be our understanding of the eternal nature of the ring itself or collective hopes for happiness and love?  I dunno, but I’m telling you this, it’s very nearly an electric feeling!  Most of us know the rings, or circles, have long been considered symbols of the eternal nature of the marriage, but did you know the history of the ring itself?

Of course the exchanging of the rings isn’t the only tradition.  Ever find yourself wondering why the bride carries that colorful pretty bouquet?  (Pst…it has something to do with how those flowers smell)  Or how about that garter belt carefully selected but worn just out of sight?  What about the tradition of something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue?  The story behind these and other traditions may just surprise you with their origins.  


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Amazing Surprise Proposal

From the desk of: Veronica

Okay, I’m not saying everyone wants or needs an over-the-top surprise proposal involving a large crowd, choreography, music, and months of elaborate planning, and it doesn’t make it any better than a “normal” proposal, but … dang it if they aren’t fun to watch. I do love myself a little cry in bed while I watch surprise proposals, so I thought I’d share the love.

Please, do enjoy this adorable proposal:

Swoon, am I right? Have a happy day, everyone!

You can find Veronica at her blog, Veronica M.D. (no, she’s not a real doctor), and on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Feel free to stalk her. She encourages it.

Can’t please em’ all when you’re planning a wedding

So you’re planning your wedding and have figured out that there are nearly as many opinions out there as there are people on your invitation list.  Here’s a simple little formula to remember…(time known+who they’re related to) / gift they’re likely to bring = happiness.  Just kidding, it’s really quite simple, it’s your day.  Yep, that’s it.  No secret formula, or calculator, required.  But you can be sure there’s going to be some ruffled feathers somewhere on your list.  Here are a few tips to prevent some of the biggies.

Sean Purcell Photography wedding photography

Sure, you want everybody to have a fantastic time.  You want everybody to remember your wedding and talk about it like one of these over the top, epic events.  But in the end, the wedding is the celebration of the love you share with your partner.

  • Financial – Unless you’re the one holding the purse strings, try to avoid placing yourself as the point of contact when it comes to making payments.  You have plenty of things on your plate without trying to remember if you’ve made the initial deposit on your cake or paid the retaining fee for your wedding photographer.
  • Expectations – Setting clear expectations with everybody involved lays out the ground rules but also gives them some insight into what your dream wedding is…and what it isn’t.  Say you’ve had enough of the Harlem shake, you may want to let everybody know there will be no spontaneous donning of elephant costumes at your reception.  (please do this)  If your future Mother in-law has offered to “take care” of the hotel reservations, you may want to make sure she knows that the no-tel motel on the edge of the highway is not your idea of a great location.  That way she’ll at least have a starting point and you won’t have to delouse your suitcase after the big day.   On the topic of expectations, any vendor you deal with SHOULD have a written contract that both you and they sign.  Your big day is not the place for any big surprises.  The day you sign with Sean Purcell Photography, your big day is blocked off and that day belongs to you no matter who approaches us after.  Many vendors have this same sort of first come-first served practice.
  • Physical fitness – There is a mountain of evidence that regular exercise releases chemicals into the body that promote good, healthy thought patterns.  But don’t take our word for it, check out this article on Managing Stress with Regular Exercise.  Besides a healthy outlook, who doesn’t want to look HOTTTT on their big day?
  • And closely related to fitness…relax.  That’s right.  Nothing magical or mysterious here.  Sit back and take a deep breath.  It will all work out and when you’re flipping through your wedding album (trust us, you’re going to show it to everybody and anybody who crosses paths with you) do you really want to think about the endless ours of blood, sweat and tears you put yourself through trying to make everybody happy with every detail?  I’m guessing the answer is a resounding no.  It’s the smile and look in your new spouse’s eyes, the first dance, your father’s embrace when he gave you away that you want to remember.  So just sit back, let others help you and enjoy the ride.  :)


Are you getting married and are looking for a photographer?  Click here to contact us now to see if your big day is available and let’s get to know each other.

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Ahhh … Google+

From the desk of: Amanda

If you’re like most people, you’ve been hearing people talk about Google+ (or G+) for a couple years now. Maybe you’ve wandered over there out of curiosity, and like myself, after a few minutes of tilting your head and raising your eyebrows, you left. There wasn’t any major need to figure it out, since you didn’t really know anyone who used it, right?

That’s about to change, ladies and gentlemen.

With all of the changes that Facebook has been implementing over the last year, it has become very difficult for small businesses to be seen, even if they’re paying for their posts. Since small businesses are so near and dear to my heart (not to mention I run one now), this really doesn’t sit well with me. More and more people are complaining that they aren’t seeing their favorite pages in their newsfeeds anymore, and are assuming that they’ve either closed up shop or stopped posting. As a personal Facebook user, I’m annoyed at all of the extra garbage that’s been clogging up my newsfeeds lately. I really don’t care that Ziploc paid for a nice ad spot. If I wanted info on Ziploc, I’d “Like” their page. Right? Right.

This is kinda the same thing that happened with MySpace way back when. I know I left them for Facebook when all the pre-teens hit MySpace, and took over with their sparkly flashing things, and weird games. But where do we go now that we’re being forced off Facebook?


Google+ is the new wave of social media. It has a mature, user friendly format, and it is chock FULL of super cool things. So much coolness in fact, that I discover something new every day. If you’re like I was, and utterly confused when you first open your G+ page, don’t worry. I’m here to point you in the right direction. The wonderful ladies over at Pure Photography and Design, Rachel Rehart and Crystal Schmidt, have been kind enough to develop a few videos to help you set up and get the most out of your G+ experience.

There are so many cool things about G+, you can spend days on there, and still not discover everything. But you wanna know what the coolest thing is? When you follow (or “circle”, as they call it) your friends or favorite pages … their posts actually show up in your feed. What a novel concept.

We’re not going to phase out our Facebook page, but I can tell you that we will be posting more and more on G+. So, come on over, circle us, and stay in the loop on all of the awesome things we’ve been doing. And while you’re at it, give the ladies at Pure a circle, too. I guarantee you’ll love them as much as we do. 😉

Sean Purcell Photography's Google+ Page

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