Awesome Maid of Honor Toast

You already know I’m a bit partial to watching videos of big elaborate public proposals, but I’ve always been a little on the fence when it comes to over-the-top best man and maid of honor toasts.

At my wedding, our best man and maid of honor gave lovely toasts — not too long, not too short, funny without being crazy, and touching without making me ugly cry. PERFECT.

I have also been in attendance at weddings where the best man or maid of honor tries to do something wild and DANG is that a gamble. Sure, people might love it, but what if it’s a flop or offensive or so long people start rolling their eyes and talking (I’ve actually witnessed all those scenarios) that’s something the bride and groom will remember forever. What I’m saying is, if someone were to ask my opinion on whether or not they should do an elaborate toast, I would have emphatically said NO … until today.

I stumbled across this video on Mashable today, and at first I thought it was good but nothing special, but a minute in I was smiling ear-to-ear, and then the last line got me and I sat blubbering at my computer. If I were at that reception … whoa. I would be laughing while I ugly cried, for sure. (So glad I wasn’t there.)

Without further ado, the maid of honor toast that changed my mind about wedding toasts:

(But if you can’t rap, please promise me you won’t try this at someone’s wedding and then blame me when it’s a flop.)

You can find Veronica at her blog, Veronica M.D. (no, she’s not a real doctor), and on TwitterInstagram, and Pinterest. Feel free to stalk her. She encourages it.


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