The Smartest Marriage Advice

from the desk of: Veronica

I know we’ve probably all read our fair share of “The Best Marriage Advice EVER!” books, articles, and blog posts, and while everyone could use at least a few tips to help improve their marriage, some (most?) of them are pretty annoying, am I right? However, I happened across one the other day on that I really liked. It didn’t even include the phrase “Never go to bed angry!”


Bride; groom; kiss

Who wouldn’t be as happy as Alex and Holly?

I’ll share a little about the first tip with you and then direct you to the full article.

The first tip was to compliment each other.

According to the article, for the past thirty years, relationship expert and researcher Terri Orbuch has followed 373 married couples, and she has concluded that couples who regularly give each other “affective affirmation” (“compliments, help and support, encouragement, and subtle nonsexual rewards, such as hand holding”) are the happiest.

I can get on board with that. Makes sense, right?

If you want eight more tips for a healthy and happy marriage or long-term partnership, click HERE to read the rest.

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