About Amanda

To say I have a creative streak would be an understatement of epic proportions. I’ve spent the last 1 years working for a flower shop, wearing many hats. To touch on a very small part of what I do, I’m the head floral designer, lead wedding consultant, and I handle most of the major events. In the last few years, my love for photography has become an even bigger part of my life. I’ve always been the one at all the family functions with a camera in my hand, and loved spending the weekends wandering various places in Michigan photographing lighthouses and waterfalls.  One thing lead to another, and soon enough,  I was asked to photograph my wedding designs as well as make them.

Ever since, both my interest and skill levels have taken off like wildfire, and suddenly my hobby became more. This was round about the time that Sean asked me to join him with SPP, and I jumped at the chance to bring the things I love together. Developing my hobby into my career has been incredibly exciting, and I simply cannot wait to bring my creativity and knowledge to your special day.

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