About Sean

Wow…it’s been an interesting trip so far.  Let’s see…I grew up in the middle of nowhere New Mexico, in a dot on a map city but that’s okay, I had big things planned.  I joined the Marine Corps and for more than a decade I got to see my fair share of the world.  That’s probably where I learned when it was time to work, do your best and work hard.  When it was time to play, make it memorable.  And don’t do anything you can’t admit to when you look in the mirror.

Since the Corps I’ve spent time here, there and a few places in between, but nearly all of them overseas.  I’ve seen some incredible corners of our world and had the chance to photograph some amazing people and places.  When I’m not working I’m probably out exploring with the camera or playing outside.  From snowboarding to hiking to cruising down the road on the motorcycle, if it’s happening outside I’m probably game. 

  These days I call the Virginia area home and I love it!  With Sean Purcell Photography I’m lucky enough to have the pleasure of bringing out people’s best and help them craft memories that will last a lifetime.  As if that wasn’t enough, as a destination photographer I still get to travel and meet stylish and incredible couples who are happy and in love. Does it get any better than that?

Yep, there’s no doubt I’m a pretty lucky guy. 




2 thoughts on “About Sean

    • Thanks, Ed :). Greatly appreciate the follow and your comments. As a matter of fact I’m heading out in search of a desert landscape series this evening or tomorrow morning for a client. Mornings are my personal favorite for the desert but it’s hard to not like the reds of a desert sunset. Decisions decisions. Happy shooting.


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