Product Review: Oil of Olay CC Cream

Veronica here! I thought I’d spice up your Wednesday with a product review! A product that is likely of interest to at least half of the population that will be going in front of the camera sometime soon is make-up.

One of the newest make-up crazes in the states has been BB creams. If I were to explain them in my own words, I would say they are more than a tinted moisturizer, less than a foundation, and with additional benefits, like SPF and antioxidants. Once BB creams blew up, it was only a matter of time before someone dreamed up a CC cream. The additional benefit of a CC cream is mostly the color correction (hence the name). CC creams are supposed to fade spots and acne scars with time and even out skin tone.

I decided to jump right in and try out a CC cream and went for Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream. Here’s what she looks like:


I definitely like the packaging. Off to a good start.

Here’s what a dollop will look like straight from the bottle:


At this point, it looks promising! More than a tinted moisturizer, which is exactly what I’m looking for. Something I can throw on and give me enough coverage to feel like I don’t look ghastly but not heavy foundation.

Here’s what it looks like rubbed into my hand about halfway:


Hmmm. The color looks a bit … off. I chose the lightest color (of course, have you seen me?), but it seems a bit more yellow/orange than I anticipated. Oh well, on with the application! I didn’t WANT to put my naked face on the Internet, but in the interest of science and all …


Well. Is it just me or do I look about exactly the same? Okay, my face looks a little orange (yikes!) and a bit skinnier, but that last part is only because I messed up and turned my face slightly more to the side in the second picture. It’s not magic or anything, so don’t get excited.

Anyway, in real life, it definitely looks like I have slightly more oily skin and I got some bad self-tanner. Not even the slightest hint of coverage. At all. It’s odd how it can make my skin a totally different color and yet still looks like I did nothing at all to tame my uneven skin, blemishes, and very dark skin around my eyes. It’s a mystery to me, too.

Even though I wasn’t pleased with this from the get-go, I actually committed to using it for at least a month. I thought I could deal with slightly greasy orange-ish skin if it actually did some color correcting.

Unfortunately, the only changes it made in my skin was to cause some rather serious breakouts. Womp womp. Talk about a sad trombone moment. Not only did I feel pretty gross for an entire month, every day my skin got worse and worse. After discontinuing use for only a week, my skin is already clearing up again, so I think we can safely say it was the culprit.

Bottom line: If you’re going to spend $20-25 on a CC cream, I would suggest going a different way. Of course, if you have very dry skin and don’t have very fair skin, this might work out for you, who knows?

If you’re still interested in trying out a BB cream or a CC cream, here’s a good guide to the less expensive drugstore BB creams. If you have a good recommendation for me, leave it in the comments, since I’m currently without a good replacement.

Thanks, and I hope to bring you more product reviews in the near future! Are there any products or types of products you want me to tell you about? Leave us a comment!

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