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If you’re like most people, you’ve been hearing people talk about Google+ (or G+) for a couple years now. Maybe you’ve wandered over there out of curiosity, and like myself, after a few minutes of tilting your head and raising your eyebrows, you left. There wasn’t any major need to figure it out, since you didn’t really know anyone who used it, right?

That’s about to change, ladies and gentlemen.

With all of the changes that Facebook has been implementing over the last year, it has become very difficult for small businesses to be seen, even if they’re paying for their posts. Since small businesses are so near and dear to my heart (not to mention I run one now), this really doesn’t sit well with me. More and more people are complaining that they aren’t seeing their favorite pages in their newsfeeds anymore, and are assuming that they’ve either closed up shop or stopped posting. As a personal Facebook user, I’m annoyed at all of the extra garbage that’s been clogging up my newsfeeds lately. I really don’t care that Ziploc paid for a nice ad spot. If I wanted info on Ziploc, I’d “Like” their page. Right? Right.

This is kinda the same thing that happened with MySpace way back when. I know I left them for Facebook when all the pre-teens hit MySpace, and took over with their sparkly flashing things, and weird games. But where do we go now that we’re being forced off Facebook?


Google+ is the new wave of social media. It has a mature, user friendly format, and it is chock FULL of super cool things. So much coolness in fact, that I discover something new every day. If you’re like I was, and utterly confused when you first open your G+ page, don’t worry. I’m here to point you in the right direction. The wonderful ladies over at Pure Photography and Design, Rachel Rehart and Crystal Schmidt, have been kind enough to develop a few videos to help you set up and get the most out of your G+ experience.

There are so many cool things about G+, you can spend days on there, and still not discover everything. But you wanna know what the coolest thing is? When you follow (or “circle”, as they call it) your friends or favorite pages … their posts actually show up in your feed. What a novel concept.

We’re not going to phase out our Facebook page, but I can tell you that we will be posting more and more on G+. So, come on over, circle us, and stay in the loop on all of the awesome things we’ve been doing. And while you’re at it, give the ladies at Pure a circle, too. I guarantee you’ll love them as much as we do. πŸ˜‰

Sean Purcell Photography's Google+ Page

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