DJ, Band, or iPod?

I recently read an article on that I personally found pretty bold. The author claims you shouldn’t bother choosing between a DJ or live band for your wedding reception. He thinks you should just load up an iPod and call it a day.

Sure, I can admit that there are some weddings where this would work beautifully, but in the case of my wedding and many others I’ve been to, I don’t know — it sounds risky.

I certainly wouldn’t have done it for my wedding, because I am a very anxious person, and I would have been worried the whole night that the playlist I put together wasn’t working out, and as soon as the dance floor wasn’t packed, I would be racing over and skipping songs frantically. I would not have wanted to spend my night that way.

The author claims that too many DJs don’t take the pulse of the crowd and end good songs early or play too many lame songs. While I’ve been to some receptions with not-so-great DJs, to be sure, my DJ was AMAZING. I tell everyone I know in Michigan to use him.

I also never considered a live band, but I have seen some live bands really make the reception complete, and my father-in-law’s band played quite a few receptions, and I bet you a million dollars everyone was pleased with their choice.

Long story short (too late), I have a hard time agreeing that live bands and DJs are poor options for a reception and playing your own playlist is the easy and perfect option for everyone.

What do you think? What did you do for your reception if you’ve already had one? If you’ve yet to have a reception, what is your number one choice? Who was playing the music at the best reception you’ve every been to? Feedback, please!!

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