Local Spotlight – Noshy

From the desk of: Amanda

Continuing on my quest to introduce to you some of the awesome vendors of the Leesburg Farmer’s Market, next up, I’d like you to meet Julie from Noshy.

Aug 20 Market-3


Like Alicia, who I wrote about in my previous post, Julie is just getting going with her business. She proudly informed me that she is now in week 16 of Noshy. And considering that when I went to take photos of her booth last week, she was completely SOLD OUT, I’d say she’s off to a rocking start!

She makes cookies. And who doesn’t like cookies?

Aug 20 Market-7

Noshy got its start when Julie left her previous career in search of something new and different. She spent some time in what she called her “pre-retirement” before her friends and family encouraged her to start making money doing what she loved the most … baking.

Aug 20 Market-9Her amazing Gingerbread Butterscotch cookie is the one that started it all (and currently MY personal fave, you can read my review of it on our Facebook page) when her fiancé insisted that she could make a killing selling them. It’s currently her best seller, though several of her other flavors are developing quite a following. There is a gentleman who makes a point to visit her every Wednesday evening for a couple bags of her Salted Chocolate Peanut Butter cookies. I’ve had them, and I definitely can’t blame him. They ARE pretty awesome!

Aug 20 Market-5

One of the reasons Julie loves Noshy so much is because she likes knowing where her ingredients come from. She keeps it all local buy visiting various farmer’s markets in the area to pick up her supplies for the week. But her favorite part is seeing her customer’s reaction to her cookies. The look that comes across their face as they take their first bite is something she relishes.

Aug 20 Market-12Want to check out these amazing cookies for yourself? Here’s where you can find Julie:

Wednesdays, from 2:30-6:30 – Leesburg Farmer’s Market

The second half of the week, they’re at the East Meets West Yoga Studio

OR, you can order them online (an AWESOME thing for all of our out of area readers) here.

Other ways to connect with Julie: Get Noshy Facebook, TwitterInstagram

Stay tuned for more post about some of the other great vendor’s I’ve met. And remember … SPP is very proud to offer a 10% discount on any of our services to those who support any of the Loudoun Farmer’s Markets.

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