Local Spotlight – Greenheart Granola

From the desk of: Amanda

A couple weeks ago, I blogged about my visit to the Wednesday Farmer’s Market here in Leesburg. I met a bunch of awesome people, and I promised you I’d showcase some of their amazing businesses.

It started out as a community awareness, supporting other local businesses venture, but the more I chatted with everyone, the more intrigued I was by their stories.

Aug 16 Market_edit2

I’m going to kick off this series with Alicia Swanstrom, from Greenheart Granola. Alicia is a delightful young woman who has some incredibly exciting goals set for herself. She is working toward being able to open her own organic café, and I have no doubts that she will achieve her dreams very quickly. She’s always loved being in the kitchen and while at Northwestern, attending grad school, she found great joy in making granola for her friends. Inspired by various events (that you can read about here), she moved back to Northern Virginia to pursue her dreams of opening a café.

She’s been doing this for only a few short months, and is already working on expanding her line. Her granola is her signature item, and has recently added almond milk to her lineup. All of her items are very popular at the markets – by the time I got to chat with her, she only had a few bags of granola left, and she was completely sold out of almond milk!

Aug 13 MarketI’ll include links to her sites, so that you can read more about Alicia and the products she offers. I definitely suggest that you stop by her booth at the Farmer’s Market. Her product is awesome, and her personality is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Aug 13 Market-4

Ways to find Alicia:

On the web: her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest

In person: Wednesday afternoon, from 2:30-6:30– Leesburg Farmer’s Market

Saturday morning, from 7:00-12:00 – Charlottesville Farmer’s Market

Sunday morning, from 9:00-1:00pm – Cascade’s Sunday Market

Stay tuned for more post about some of the other great vendor’s I’ve met. And remember … SPP is very proud to offer a 10% discount on any of our services to those who support any of the Loudoun Farmer’s Markets.

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Local Spotlight: Leesburg Farmer’s Market

From the desk of: Amanda

Leesburg, farmer's market

It’s National Farmer’s Market week, so I thought I give a quick shout out to our local Farmer’s Market. Here at SPP, we have always been huge supporters of small businesses. Whenever possible, we try to shop local for several reasons. One, perhaps the most important, is that we know these people are going to turn around and do the same, and it keeps our local economy strong. Other reasons include the fact that we are directly supporting someone’s livelihood (and not some big-box store’s bottom line), knowing the origin of the food, and the fresh factor. Another big one … it’s FUN.

Leesburg, Farmer's MarketHow many of you dread the grocery store? Yeah, that’s what I thought. Most of us do. We hate the crowds, the lines, not being able to find what we need … it’s usually an experience I put off as long as humanly possible. But at the Farmer’s Market, everything is so much different. Yeah, there are crowds, but they don’t feel as oppressive. Everyone is smiling and genuinely happy to be there, vendors included.

There are a ton of options for Farmer’s Markets here in Loudoun County. Check out their website to see the closest market to you. I had the pleasure of experiencing Leesburg’s Wednesday Farmer’s Market this week. If you’ve never been, I highly recommend you make the trip. It’s smaller than the Saturday Market, but that is by no means a bad thing. Less crowds mean the vendors have more time to chat with you, and it’s fun to get to know the people you’re buying from.

Leesburg, farmer's market, plants

There were cookie samples that were to die for, gorgeous plants (including hanging rosemary that I juuuust might nab for myself next time I’m there, nothing quite like the aroma of fresh herbs growing on your porch!), fresh breads, syrups, jars of salsa, and of course… the fresh fruits and veggies that farmer’s markets are known for. The scent of fresh fruit was utterly intoxicating. It’s currently peach season (one of my favorites!), and there were barrels upon barrels of them, adding up to a nearly overwhelming aroma. It was amazing.

Leesburg, Farmer's market, fruit, peaches, apples

Some of the amazing peaches (and apples) from Beechwood Orchards!

I plan on heading back to the Market on Saturday to pick up a few things. Supporting the members of our community while scoring myself some tasty treats? Sign me up! I hope to see you out there, too!

farmer's market, leesburg

Are you interested in earning a little something back for yourself, as you shop at a Loudoun Farmer’s Market? Sean and I are offering 10% off any of our services to show you how awesome we think supporting the farmer’s market is. All you have to do is show us a receipt from any vendor who takes part in any of the Loudoun markets, and the reward is all yours. Easy, right?

Amanda’s note: I had so much fun at the Market last night, that I’ve decided to expand on this blog post, and create a series of posts that will highlight the vendors who take part in the Leesburg Farmer’s Market. Sign up to receive our blog updates, so that you don’t miss any of these amazing local companies.

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