Etsy Round-up: Wedding Cake Toppers

from the desk of: Veronica

Are you deep in the process of planning a wedding? Know someone who is? Love to look at wedding stuff even though you don’t have a wedding to plan? Love etsy as much as I do? Then this is the post for you!

Below are my favorite cake topper finds.

Wedding Cake Topper Monogram Mr and Mrs Topper Heart Design with YOUR Last Name

Custom Last Name Topper, $30, ThePinkOwlGifts

Lots of great fonts available!

All You Need is Love, $28.95, MissSarahCake

I couldn’t resist adding this one, since I walked down the aisle to this song. She also has other fun sayings, like “Eat Me” (for an Alice in Wonderland wedding?) and “It’s a nice day for a white wedding.”

Cat cake topper, wedding cake topper, gold ivory - white wedding, ceramic cat cake topper wedding, wedding keepsake

Cat cake topper, $60, JasminBlancBoutique

When the catlady finds her catman, it’s a beautiful day, indeed.

Custom Wedding Cake Topper Personalized with YOUR Silhouette

Custom cake topper personalized with YOUR silhouette, $60, Silhouetteweddings

I learned two things by visiting this shop: 1) I never would have been able to chose a pose/design from all those listed, 2) I don’t know how to spell silhouette.

Rustic Wedding Cake Topper - Any Two Vine Letters with Ampersand

Rustic wedding cake topper, $62, AprilHilerDesigns

If you’re getting married in a barn and your cake topper doesn’t look like this, I don’t know about you.

Just Married Wedding Cake Topper Banner with Custom Color Glittered Hearts, bakers banner

Just Married banner with custom colored glitter hearts, $25, TheGlitteredBarn

These banners are very on-trend. If you’re a banner gal, this shop looks like the place to be.

Bird Wedding cake toppers in robins egg blue  love birds in a wedding dance

Blue love birds in a wedding dance, $39, Claylicious

Love birds. LOVE BIRDS!

Best Day Ever Wedding Cake Topper - Gold

Best day ever wedding cake topper, $35, betteroffwed

I feel like this is a good way to end the post, since I saw this one and actually teared up. It really WAS the best day ever!

Excuse me while I go sniffle into my cup of coffee. Happy Wedding shopping!

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Preserving Memories … Beyond the Photos

From the desk of: Amanda

A lot of time, thought, energy, and yes, money has gone into planning your wedding. If you’re like me, the day is going to fly right by, and while you had fun, most of it was just a big blur. A lot of the details that you spent so much time laboring over were completely lost. Thank goodness you had a photographer there to capture the memories for you, right? Photos are by far the easiest way to remember your day, but what about everything else? I’ve put together a list of ways to preserve various elements of your wedding.

The Flowers
The most popular thing to preserve after any event would be the flowers. My mom had her bouquet sealed in a glass box after the wedding, and it lasted for YEARS. If we hadn’t moved, where it was jostled a good bit, I’m guessing it would still be around today. There are other methods of saving your flowers as well. Here are a couple links to help you decide what’s right for you.

The Dress
Next up, I would have to say that wedding dresses are the second most popular thing on the list. Most local dry cleaners or bridal salons have a preservation service that they offer. For a few hundred dollars, they will clean your dress, press it, wrap it in unbleached muslin, and then store it in a cardboard box for you. This process will help to keep the moisture away from your dress, eliminating that pesky musty odor that can occur when you use a plastic garment bag.

The Cake
Saving part of your wedding cake is a tradition that some couples are starting to get away from. While there is the allure of the sentiment behind eating the very same cake on your first anniversary as was served at the wedding … I’d really rather eat it the night of the wedding. But, for those of you who are hard core traditionalists:

The Finer Details
The next thing I’d like to show you is something that I’d never seen before (and was actually the inspiration for this post), but I think is super cool. Preserving your SHOES. I know, right? You spent months looking for the perfect shoes, and if you’re like me, you selected a pair that you can’t exactly incorporate into your daily wardrobe. What to do now? Check THIS out ..

So simple! I absolutely love this idea.

A Shadow Box
Another great way to preserve the memory of your day is to bring almost all of these details together in a shadowbox. You can hire someone to do it for you, or you can head on over to your favorite craft store and pick up an empty box. They come in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, so you can pick something that will work well with your décor. The beauty of a shadowbox is, you can include as much or as little as you want. Here’s a list of items that you may want to include in yours.


Photo Credit: Love My Sister’s Closet

So, you see, there are about a zillion different ways to hold on to the memory of your wedding day. Have you heard of something or done something that I didn’t mention? Leave a comment and let us know! I love hearing what you have to say!

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