And the 2015 Color of the Year is …… (drumroll please)

From the desk of: Amanda

As we get ready to really kick off the wedding season, I thought I’d keep you guys up to date on this season’s popular colors! After last year’s trend of pastels and muted tones, couples are still keeping it somewhat muted, but heading more toward earth tones this time.

The color of the year, according to the color experts over at Pantone, is Marsala. The wine?! That was my first thought, too. Not surprisingly, marsala is in the burgundy family, but it lends more toward a dusty shade, rather than the bold traditional color you’re used to seeing.


The executive director of Pantone, Leatrice Eiseman, says “Marsala enriches our mind, body and soul, exuding confidence and stability. Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in
to its embracing warmth.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Not sure what to pair this unique color with? Pantone offers up some suggestions on their page, but here’s a quick look at a couple of my favorites:



Not feeling the darker colors? No worries. Marsala isn’t the ONLY color this year. Other colors that brides are leaning toward include:


green orchid and white rose wedding bouquet

Photo taken by: Amanda Buckland

Vintage Pink:

pink peony and white calla lily wedding bouquet

Photo taken by: Amanda Buckland


Icy Blue:

blue hydrangea wedding bouquet

Photo taken by: Amanda Buckland


and the lovely peachy apricot shades that our bride carried last weekend:

peach roses and white mum wedding bouquet

Photo taken by: Sean Purcell

What are some of YOUR favorite wedding color combos?


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Location, Location, Location: Jill + Jason

from the desk of: Veronica

In the continuation of the series of amazing weddings in unique locales, may I present the wedding of Jill and Jason Schmidt. I asked Jill some questions, and she was kind enough to answer them for me.

(all photos courtesy of their photographer, Whitney Carlson of Dove Photography, and Jill’s friends and family)

Location: The Barn at Chestnut Spring, Sevierville, Tennessee (Dolly Parton’s parents’ farm)


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Dove Photography

How did you choose the location?

We wanted someplace really relaxed. Jason and I both have very hectic schedules with him being gone 3-4 days a week traveling all over the country in a tour bus, so we just wanted to go somewhere other than Nashville (where we live) and be away from the city. We talked about flying somewhere, or doing it in Michigan (my home state), but then my sister-in-law suggested looking near Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge. After seeing a ton of chapels that were not “us,” I finally found it. I saw the pictures and fell in love. Jason was somewhere on the road, and when I sent him the pictures, he said “that’s it.” My mom flew down last October and we drove over to check it out, and we put a deposit down that day.

How much did the location dictate the other details of your wedding?

The barn is very rustic. The interior is all old reclaimed barn wood, yet there are beautiful chandeliers hanging from the large beams. It was rustic and country without the hay bales and farm animals, so we just rolled with the theme the venue already provided.


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Dove Photography

We had white linens with burlap runners, and a combination of mason jars and old milk vases for the centerpieces. All the flowers, with the exception of the bouquets, were all beautiful pinks, creams, and lavender spring flowers.


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Noelle Moody

Outside there was an arbor we were married under that the florist draped lace curtains over and pulled them back with a flower arrangement.


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Dove Photography


photo courtesy of Noelle Moody

My favorite décor would be the six vintage picture frames holding pictures of our parents and grandparents. We both have a grandparent or two who are no longer with us, and it was just something that made us feel like we were still celebrating with them.


photo courtesy of Dove Photography

Quick! Tell me one more thing about your wedding that made it special and unique!

Jason had an artist that we recorded with sing me down the aisle accompanied by the guitar player he currently plays with. Hope sang “When the Right One Comes Along” by Striking Matches. It was special to have someone we are close with sing a song that means so much to us.


photo courtesy of Wolffy Lion


Flowers: Melissa Timm Designs

Catering: Luxe Catering and Events

Cake and Sweets: The Sweetery

DJ: Corey from Music in Motion

Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Amy Smith

Photography: Dove Photography

Hair and Make-up: Hailey Rhea

Thank you so much to Jill and Jason for sharing their special day, and to Whitney Carlson of Dove Photography for letting us use her beautiful images. Your wedding was breathtaking, Jill and Jason! All my best for a long and happy marriage!

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The Smartest Marriage Advice

from the desk of: Veronica

I know we’ve probably all read our fair share of “The Best Marriage Advice EVER!” books, articles, and blog posts, and while everyone could use at least a few tips to help improve their marriage, some (most?) of them are pretty annoying, am I right? However, I happened across one the other day on that I really liked. It didn’t even include the phrase “Never go to bed angry!”


Bride; groom; kiss

Who wouldn’t be as happy as Alex and Holly?

I’ll share a little about the first tip with you and then direct you to the full article.

The first tip was to compliment each other.

According to the article, for the past thirty years, relationship expert and researcher Terri Orbuch has followed 373 married couples, and she has concluded that couples who regularly give each other “affective affirmation” (“compliments, help and support, encouragement, and subtle nonsexual rewards, such as hand holding”) are the happiest.

I can get on board with that. Makes sense, right?

If you want eight more tips for a healthy and happy marriage or long-term partnership, click HERE to read the rest.

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Etsy Finds: Ring Bearer Pillows

From the desk of: Veronica

Hello, folks! You might already know that I could plan a million weddings for myself, so it will come as no surprise to you that I love looking through all things wedding and picking out my favorites. This time, I browsed through some ring bearer pillows on Etsy and picked a few I thought you should see.

Ivory ring pillow Wedding ring pillow Ring pillow with feathers

Ivory ring pillow, $18

Feathers and brooches and all over the wedding scene these days, for good reason. They are a little different while being very classy. This pillow is beautiful AND it costs less than the standard pillow from the wedding aisles of Joann, Hobby Lobby, or Wal-Mart. Plus, the seller is from Lithuania and I am a quarter Lithuanian, so … you know. 🙂

Ivory ring pillow White ring pillow Wedding ring pillow Wedding ceremony

Ivory ring pillow, $20 (can also be made in white)

This from the same seller as above, and I like it for all the same reasons — unique, beautiful, fantastic use of brooch, great price.

Monogrammed Irish Linen Ring Bearer Pillow Style 5821

Monogrammed Irish Linen Ring Bearer Pillow, $54

Need a few traditional touches in your ceremony? Are you Irish? Do you love monograms and personalized touches? If you answered “yes” to any of the following, have I got the pillow for you!

Ivory Ring Bearer Pillow Lace Ring Pillow Pearl Rhinestone Accent

Ivory Lace Ring Bearer Pillow, $39

Simple, yet not too simple, fancy, but not too fancy — just the right amount of lace and bling. Lovely.

Ring Bearer Pillow – The Elizabeth, $86

I’ve always been a sucker for giant flowers (just ask my daughters, who, on more than one occasion, have been made to wear flowers in their hair roughly the same size as their heads), so this one spoke to me.

Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow - White (Made to Order)

Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow (made to order), $110

If you have a little room in your budget and also require a little bling, might I suggest this bad boy.

To see my previous Etsy picks, click HERE.

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Two is better than one. Of course five beats the pants off of that.

Marriage definition

“A combination of elements”.  That’s a definition of one of my personal favorite events, a marriage.  Um, hello…wedding photographer.  Yeah, it’s kind of a big deal.

Happy people, teary eyed Moms, music, silly uncles dancing like nobody’s watching.  How can you not enjoy a wedding?  Now while I like to get down at a reception as much as anybody else, it’s not just a party.  A marriage is also the joining of two groups to make one, dare we say better, family.


If you think about it, one of the best things is that they come in all sorts of shapes and sizes!  Kinda makes you feel like everything is right in the world while shooting a wedding with a couple who choose to make the entire family a central part of their big day.  Take this awesome couple below for example.  Their custom cake topper (awesome choice, by the way guys) was just one of the many ways their children were a central part of their day.  Their union was made to be a perfect party for five.

Family cake topper

Of course it really doesn’t hurt my feelings when the couple looks this hot doing it. Oh yeah, fellas THIS is how you do the “dip kiss”.  Just in case you were wondering.

The kiss

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Dream Wedding Calculator

From the desk of: Veronica

Have you ever heard of the website Dream Wedding Calculator? I guarantee that it is going to be one of three things for you:

  1. A helpful tool to get you started before the major wedding planning begins,
  2. Something that will help you realize that the wedding you already had was the perfect wedding for you and you didn’t really want the “wedding of your dreams,” OR
  3. Something that consumes you as you try combination after combination and start planning weddings all over the world

Seriously though, this is a fantastic tool if you haven’t gotten into the nitty-gritty of wedding planning and want a big picture – can you do what you want to do for $10,000, or is it going to cost you triple your budget? Well, if your dreams are going to cost $30,000 and you only have $10,000, then you can change your preferences, re-arrange your options, and see what it’s going to take to get a wonderful wedding within your means. It would also be helpful if you’re deep into planning and something major has to change to make the budget work, so it would definitely be helpful in all aspects of planning.

I put in all my preferences for my “realistic” dream wedding (in Michigan instead of say, Tahiti), and it helped me realize how smart we really were. We would still be paying that sucker off today, that’s for sure, and I still thought my wedding day was the best day ever, so GO ME.

But really. I remember sitting down and trying to make a budget right after getting engaged and having no idea where to start. And I was WAY off. Shocker, right? This website is a fun and easy way to get the big picture and start thinking about all the moving parts involved in your big day.

So, go forth and calculate!

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All the Little Details: Kristina and Christopher’s Wedding

From the desk of: Veronica

When you strip it all down to the basics, a wedding is really just two well-dressed people at a chosen location, usually with food, cake, and music. If that were all weddings were, you wouldn’t be able to tell them apart.

It’s the little details that make all the difference – all the little choices the bride and groom made along the way to make the wedding especially theirs – that draw your attention and make you think “how sweet!” “how cool!” and “I never would have thought of that!”

I got to attend a wedding this weekend, and it was a fantastic example of those little details lighting up the wedding. The bride and groom spent a lot of time and effort to include all those little things, and I loved them. So, as a tribute to the little details of a wedding, I bring you Kristina and Christopher’s wedding. (It’s important to note, as I am just the blogger part of this equation, these are iPhone photos, not Sean Purcell Photography photos J)

When I walked in about an hour before the wedding to start getting Josephine dressed (she was one of the flower girls) and to double check the schedule of events (I was a child-wrangler/wedding party-helper), the first thing I noticed was my cousin’s dress (of course!) While it would have been lovely all on its own, the belt was such an amazing touch that I couldn’t stop staring at it!

Isn’t she a beautiful bride?

Perfect, isn’t it?

Right inside the door was a sign that screamed Kristina and Chris:

What I have loved about them as a couple from the very beginning is that Chris encouraged her to be herself and be silly, and they are quite the goofy pair. They bring out the best in each other, and I have never seen her happier. Therefore, it was perfect to be greeted with this sign. We all knew we were at their wedding, and not just “some wedding” that was just like everyone else’s and nothing would stand out in our memories.

Next, we were treated to their love story, which I found downright adorable.

Below their love story was a handmade guest book (made by my sister who learned her craft in a Master’s program in book arts) and a sign asking guests to take an entire page to write a message instead of just signing in.

Next, I saw the cake table (my eye always travels there, even though I’m off dairy because my baby is allergic – old habits die hard). Even though the best part of the table is obviously the CAKE, I love a cake table with a little something going on.

As for the space as a whole, they went with one of my favorite decorating strategies – I am a total sucker for lights under tulle, table cloths, and curtains. It’s a nice little touch during daylight and makes the space look magical once it gets dark. Everywhere you looked, there were lights. It was well worth the effort it took for them to string them all up.

Now for the bridal party. The colors were black and bright pink, and I loved how everyone coordinated, down to the sashes and flowers on the flower girls’ dresses that mimicked the bridesmaids.

On the subject of bridesmaids, I like how instead of going the different-dress or same-dress-different-color route for her matron of honor, she went subtle with a flower affixed to her dress to differentiate her from the other bridesmaids.

They also thought of something fun for the bridal party to wear upon entrance to the reception.

Speaking of those little cuties, there was a lot of little details that went into the flower girls and ring bearer as well.

I thought it was fun that the three of them walked down the aisle together, in place of a basket of petals, the girls carried beautiful pomanders, and instead of a pillow with rings, the ring bearer carried this adorable sign.

Petals were simply scattered before the guests arrived and the center aisle was reserved for the bridal party.

Oh, and that sign?

Too cute, right?

I also accidentally coordinated with the hostess. How serendipitous!

I think this photo might sum the wedding up the best.

“What a wedding!”

Thanks, Kristina and Christopher, for letting me share all your great ideas with the Internet!

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